Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Crafting with Kids - Mixed Media Washi Tape Paper Doll

I love to get my kids involved with crafting.  It helps them be creative and express themselves in amazing ways through their art.  My daughter brought home a paper doll on a piece of paper for us to decorate any way she wanted.  She wanted to make a pink girl in a dress so we pulled put some paints, washi tape, ribbon, glue, buttons, and markers for her to have some fun.  She had fun!!

She loved the idea of using the washi tape (all in colors of pink since that is her favorite color) to make a dress for the doll.  I did her conceive the idea of how to do it, but washi tape is so easy to tear and for little hands to stick down and re-stick if needed it is one of the best craft supplies for kids hands down!  We used a wide variety of pink tapes from Eyelet Outlet to help bring her little paper doll to life.


My daughter sees me making videos all the time on how to make crafts, and she had to make one for her little project so here she is having a blast making her little pink paper doll girl.

Crafting with kids is fun, they are so funny on how they want to make something.  Just a little guidance and they can be so creative!!

Supplies Used
Ribbon - May Arts
Markers - Ikea
Paint - Tattered Angels
Glue - Beacon


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