Friday, September 30, 2016

Surfin' the Web

Apologies to any arachnophobes out there, I (Lauren) know that not everyone is a fan of our eight-legged friends, but these Eyelet Outlet Mini Spider Brads are so adorable, it's scary, lol! Which is why I couldn't resist weaving-- or in this case, machine stitching-- a web for them to inhabit on my Halloween card:

I drew some very light pencil marks to make the long straight "anchor" lines of the web, then sat down at the machine and did the curvy connecting lines. The nice thing about spider webs is that you don't need perfectly neat stitching; in fact the messier it is, the more organic your web will look!

If you're not really up for web-weaving, though, this Spider Web Washi is absolutely perfect! I created my oversized sentiment by neatly covering a scrap of white cardstock with lines of tape, then tracing some chipboard letters and cutting them out. 

To make the smaller letters I covered a scrap of cardstock with Glitter Black Washi and used alphabet dies. After all my elements were attached to the card, I added those Adorable Arachnids and called it a day.

Too creepy crawly for you? There are lots more Halloween Brads at Eyelet Outlet so there's sure to be something you'll love!

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