Thursday, February 21, 2019

Wild About You!

Just because Valentine's Day has passed doesn't mean you can't give your honey a special card showing how you feel! In fact, I believe giving a sweet card out of the blue and for no particular reason is even more special!

Eyelet Outlet's Jungle Mix Brad set is awesome for your Zoo layouts (see one I did here), but they're also fun for use on cards!  As soon as I saw the new Safari Washi Tape, I knew I'd have to create something with it.  I'm always attracted to black and white color schemes with a pop of color!  Cricut just happened to have a similar tree as the one on the washi tape on their "Tree Silhouettes" image set, too! And this zebra print from Huckleberry Hearts Safari Animal Prints Digital Paper collection was a perfect pairing for my black and white color scheme.

If you're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, don't forget to come by the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo this weekend and see all the amazing Eyelet Outlet products in person!  You won't walk away empty handed!  😉

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Drop Me a Line

Diabolical Pun Warning Level: Very High 

I'm not fishing for compliments......but I (Lauren) really (reely!) love the Eyelet Outlet Fishing Lure Brads, so I made a card to celebrate:

In the spirit of full disclosure: I have not gone fishing since I was a child, and even then, it was not a 100% voluntary experience, lol; especially the part that involved touching worms (*shudder*) or fish! But these lures are so pretty and so colorful I was hooked(Ok, sorry, but once you start on fishing puns, it's hard to stop.) I have no idea if, in real life, one would use more than one lure on a line, but design-wise, I liked combining a few of them, so let's pretend this makes sense, k? I placed my sticker sentiment --I cannot possibly over-state the helpfulness of graph paper on these occasions-- and positioned my brads, but didn't set them. This let me sketch lightly, in pencil, a path for my two lines, before machine stitching. At the very end I added a bass (I'm pretty sure that's a bass, but I guess it could be a trout?) from the Trout and Bass set. 

You don't need to go back to school (geddit?) to learn some great ways to use the EO Fishing Lure,  and Fish Brads, just check out the blog each week to SEA what the design team is up to! :)

is slightly ashamed at
how many diabolical fish puns
are in this post!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tool Themed Waterfall Card Kit

Hi folks!  It's Kim from Katydid Cards sharing some news with you.

When crafters visit the Eyelet Outlet booth at craft expos, they often ask how a card was made as they want to duplicate it.  Well, we heard you.  Eyelet Outlet now has kits for selected cards!   

They will be making their debut in limited quantities at the Texas Scrapbook Show, February 22-23.

Here’s a look at the first of the three kits. Stay tuned for posts about the two additional card kits in the weeks that follow.

In addition to the kit tutorial, here's a more in-depth description with step by step pictures.

My first step was to cover the 4” x 5 ¼” white panel with washi tape.  The orientation of the card determines where the holes are; they will be at the bottom of the panel for the vertical cards and to the right for the horizontal card.  

I folded the excess washi tape over the edges of the panel or trimmed the excess off the top/bottom with scissors.  

I ran a bone folder over the front of the panel and the flaps on the back to ensure good adhesion.

I poked the tip of a stylus from the front through the two holes in the panel.  You can use the tip of a pencil or something similar.  

I attached the washi covered panel with adhesive to the card front making sure to align the holes.  You can use any sort of adhesive you prefer, liquid or tape runner. I happen to like Art Glitter Glue, a clear-drying liquid adhesive.

Next, I inserted the hammer and wrench Tool Brads, the Saw Brad and Tool Box & Nail Brads (or Band-aid Brad) on the four white 1 3/8” squares.  I used a paper piercing mat below the squares and a paper piercer to make the holes and then inserted the brad.  

After it’s inserted, I flip to the back of the square to flatten the prongs.  I use the flat end of one of my craft tools to do this.

After I attached the brads, I decided the squares would look nicer covered with washi tape, so I took them apart and covered them.  That’s how they will appear in the rest of the tutorial.
Each of the squares was then attached the 1 ½” colored cardstock mats.

Now to the waterfall mechanism.  I folded the horizontal tab portion of the mechanism (with the holes) back on itself so that it is behind the vertical portion.  Some of the folding has already been done for you.

I applied adhesive on the center back between the two to secure.  I was careful not to extend beyond that small area with my adhesive.

Each of the remaining score lines was folded in a mountain fold (upside down V like a mountain peak). 

At the top score, I folded it back against the front.  The section with the single hole will extend below and behind the horizontal portion.  Like this:

When attaching the matted squares, I started at the bottom.  I applied adhesive to the entire back of the square and aligned with the lowest score line.  

Next, I applied adhesive to the mechanism between the top of the first matted square and the next score line and attached the second matted square, aligned to the next score line. 

I followed this procedure for the third and fourth matted squares.  

The pull tab was attached next.  I folded on the score line and attach with a Screw Brad and inserted it through the hole on the bottom of the mechanism.  I flipped the mechanism over and flatten the prongs.  On the finished card, I wrote the word “pull” on the tab.

I attached the waterfall mechanism to the card front with ONLY the two Screw Brads, inserted through the holes in the front of the card.   You don’t want any other adhesive on this as it would impede the movement of the waterfall.   

The kits contain an assortment of large and small, flat and Phillips screw heads.  You need only to be sure to match the two brads attaching the mechanism to the card base.

As I pulled the tab on the waterfall, I felt the back section was too plain, so I added more washi tape there as well.  Here’s what it looked like before the washi.

I think it looks better with that additional bit of embellishment.

I added some washi tape to the appropriate sentiment for the card.  This dresses up the inside and ties it together nicely with the front.

With my left-over washi tape, I took a minute to decorate the envelope flap.

Here's a picture of the other two cards in the kit.  Each is slightly different for variety.

On this card, a Band-aid Brad is used in place of the toolbox.  So appropriate for a weekend warrior card, don't you think?

On this card, I cut a few images from the washi tape to embellish the four white panels.

 I hope you like these kits. We look forward to sharing the others with you soon.

 Kim from Katydid Cards
Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy did!

Monday, February 18, 2019


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Colorful Pups!

We have new styles of Washi Tape that will get you to bark with delight!
This dog washi makes a simple card colorful with a few strips...and a fun bit of floss.

Come check out our bling, decorative brads, paper flowers 
and yes...LOADS of washi tape at this week's Expo in
2/22-23, 2019

We are packing up our trunks and headed for the sunny south!

Saturday, February 16, 2019


You might not know this about me, but I love LOVE Washi Tape! I think it is so versatile and fun and it comes in a wide variety of colors, designs, etc. - and it's so affordable! If you don't believe me, check out the Washi Tape selection in the Eyelet Outlet store. WOW!

How many different designs of Washi Tape 
do you see on this card:

If you said four, you would be correct!

The first two are pretty easy to spot:

Bananas Washi Tape
Red Skinny Washi Tape

The half circle is made with strips of Washi Tape

The vine that the two monkeys are hanging from is
a strip I tore off of a piece of Washi Tape.

Yep! I love me some Washi Tape, for sure!

Other Eyelet Outlet Products on the card include:

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Eyelet Outlet will be there - will you?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Faith Moves Moutains

Good morning crafters!  This morning I'm sharing an inspirational card with you that I made with mountains from the Cricut image library beautifully accentuated with sun and cloud brads as well as pine tree brads from Eyelet Outlet.  

And, why don't we do a little "Throw Back Thursday" today!  Here's another card I made a few years ago with the same sun brad. It looks so cheery in the window!  The real star of this card, however, is the awesome floral washi tape! Eyelet Outlet has lots and lots of brand new washi tape in the store right now and so many florals like this that make a delightful garden border for your projects!  The pie in this card is from Cricut's image library and I used an Eyelet Outlet pot holder from the Cooking Brads Set as well as some champagne swirl bling to simulate steam coming off of the pie.  

Thanks for stopping by today and if you're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, stop in and see Eyelet Outlet products in person at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo February 22-23!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Every once in a while, I (Lauren) get an idea SO CRAZY I have to drop everything and attempt it immediately. This is one of those. The amazing thing is... it actually came out very much like the picture that was in my head. (I will leave it to you to decide if that's a good thing or not, lol.) I also think I may have set the all-time record for most Eyelet Outlet Brads used in one post. Because there are 45 brads, from 29 different style sets on these two panels which are each just a tiny smidge over A2. I've given the complete list with links below, but really, the best part about an idea like this is that you can make it work with pretty much ANY combination of brads you love!

Many of my crazy ideas just *appear* out of nowhere, but in this case, I had actually seen two different inspiration pieces recently. This heart shaped graphic and a very cool two-halved LOVE card. I saw them at different times and definitely didn't connect them immediately, but at some point they kind of joined up in my head and that's when I started working. I gathered up lots of little sticker sentiments I thought could work in a Valentine context, and pulled out a bunch of brad styles. Generally, I do a "dry fit" layout first, but in this case, I kind of just had to wing it. I found it easier to start at the bottom of each half and fit each brad on individually, as if working on a jigsaw puzzle; scattering the sentiment stickers here and there by size, theme and color as I went along. Here's a shot of my worktable when I was about half done. Minimalists: look away now!

You can see I have quite a few leftovers, but this was one of those times that it was good to have a large pool of different sizes and colors to draw from, because as I got to an edge, I sometimes had a very oddly shaped blank spot that needed... something. And honestly, I couldn't probably have guessed what that would be when I started out. The brads that made the final version of the left side are: the sun from our Sun and Clouds set, a pair of Colorful SunglassesMini Ladybug, the champagne flutes and silver-colored engagement ring from the Wedding Brads set, a few Mini Bright Stitched Flowers, a Funky Bee Brad and some Mini Bees, a Peace Sign, the white cup from our Coffee Brads, a Donut, Bee Happy from the Spring Bubble BradsPalm TreeFlamingo, a Sandcastle Brad, a couple of Hearts and a Yoga Cat

On the right-side card, the brads are: one red and one green Margarita from the Cocktail Brad set (which also includes red and white wine), Love You from our Saying Bubble Brads set, a handsome green Gnome, a Mini Emotion BradMini Bright Stitched Flower, a couple of Hearts, Hello Sunshine from the Spring Bubble Brads, a Brown Teddy Bear and a pink one from the Colorful Teddy Bears set, a silver Eiffel TowerMini Ladybug, a couple of stacks of Book Brads, a yellow Light Bulb, a green ball of yarn and the needles from our Knitting Brads, a Cute Deer, a red velvet Cupcake, and a yellow Duck Brad.

When the two heart halves were complete, I affixed them to A2-sized backgrounds using the reverse patterned paper selection, to which I had carefully lined up strips of brand new Heart Washi TapeXO Gold Foil Tape and a fun Skinny Washi pattern. But again... you could use pretty much any combination you like, and there are some really awesome NEW tapes in the store; they're conveniently placed at the top of the tape section with an asterisk, so they're easy to find! 

Wishing everybody a very Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow! ♥♥♥

is absurdly proud every time she 
breaks her own "Most Brad Styles" record!