Friday, March 9, 2018

Stick with Me

This Cactus Washi Tape grabbed  my attention as soon as I saw it. I just had to have it. (Do you ever feel that way about something or is it just me?) The good news is the prices at Eyelet Outlet are so reasonable that I could have it without stretching my pocketbook.

You really should check out the Eyelet Outlet Store if you haven't done so in a while. WOW! There's a lot of great stuff there.

When my awesome Cactus Washi Tape arrived I couldn't wait to create with it.

I actually used it on a piece of designer paper that looks like a wooden board so you can see the color of the paper through the tape. To give it a more polished/finished look, I added a skinny strip of green checked Washi Tape on the top and bottom and then added a strip of black pearls, too. Of course both of those items came from Eyelet Outlet, too.

My card also has two butterfly brads - from Eyelet Outlet on it.

The cactus image is holding a sign that says "Stick with Me" but I'm thinking it really should say "Stick with Eyelet Outlet". ;)


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  1. Eek! I love it! Really like the extra borders you added! Great card!

  2. What a great border! Always love your work!