Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Thank you "Berry" much!


Hello my friends!  Now that Easter is over I found that I had some of these wonderful white egg brads leftover and I was thinking about how I could re-purpose them.  I got out my copic markers chose the Dark Red #89 and made the white egg a deep red!

White egg eyelet Outlet 3.JPG

To make the card I cut out strips of kraft paper and made a simply weave to give the illusion of a carton of fresh strawberries one can purchase at a farmer's market.  Added some gingham paper as a backdrop and now the white egg brads are now strawberries and all I did was change the egg color from white to red, added some dots and a tiny green stem.

White Egg Eyelet Outlet 2.JPG

It is fun to think of new and creative ways to use the brads from Eyelet Outlet as they are so versatile it might just take some thinking outside of the box. Thank you "berry" much for stopping by today.

White Egg Eyelet Outlet 1.JPG

Hi, I am Barry or I am referred to as the "Prince of Paper" and I would love for you to visit my kingdom at Prince of Paper


  1. LOVE this, Barry! What a great idea! Love the weaving, too!

  2. OMG! Barry, you are a GENIUS!!! Bravo!!!

  3. Such a clever use of those brads ... love it.