Thursday, January 31, 2019

SEW Thankful!

A couple of years ago my old sewing machine stitched it's last stitch.  When I say, "old," I DO mean old!  It had been passed down to my mom from my her mom, then to me and I estimate that it was at least 80 years old.  I didn't sew a lot, but I knew that machine and could thread it with my eyes closed.  My husband bought me a new machine for Christmas a few years ago and I have been so intimidated by it! Recently I decided I was going to conquer this by getting it out and practicing!  So far, so good! I even used it to add some dimension to the card I'm bringing you today!

I just loved this sewing machine image from Cricut's Makers Gonna Make image set!  It's so fun and cheerful with the flowers on it and when I added Eyelet Outlet Enamel Dots in shades of pink and purple to it, it really made me smile!  I decided to snip off the spool of thread that is on the image and replace it with an Eyelet Outlet thread brad and added a black spool to the card as well.  The thread brads package comes with black, white, pink, blue and yellow spools.  

The cute little scissor brads are a perfect compliment to the thread brads and so I attached a small piece of loose thread under the scissors.  I've really been reaching for this checked skinny washi tape lately and thought a strip of it looked great next to my stitching.  Eyelet Outlet has lots of brand new washi tapes in the store, so I hope you'll follow this link and go have a look!

A couple of enamel hearts added the perfect touch next to my groovy sewing machine!  Check out all the great enamel shapes at Eyelet Outlet!

Thanks for stopping by today and keep on crafting!


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