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Introducing the new 2018 Eyelet Outlet Design team!!

We would like to welcome back ...

Designer Dawn

Designer Lauren

My name is Lauren and I love making stuff, especially out of paper. I love collage, art journaling, gift wrapping, altered art, mixed media and --especially-- making cards. I've never met an embellishment I didn't love, but the sparkly ones are my favorites! Vintage paper is like catnip to me. I like projects with LOTS of layers and tons of texture. I spend more time thinking about adhesives than the average person. Ideas sometimes wake me up at night. I love bright colors, found objects and... did I mention... sparkly things? There is usually ink, paint, dye or embossing paste stuck to me somewhere, and often a little bit of each. To answer the two questions I get asked the most: YES, I am always this silly, and YES, I know there's glitter on my face. My personal blog is called All the Good Blog Names Were Taken and I'd love for you to come visit me there.

I'm Susan Creech and I'm happy to re join the Eyelet Outlet Design Team for another term!
In 2009 I had the idea of scrapbooking family pie recipes as Christmas gifts for my girls. My search for cute embellishments led me straight to eyelet Outlet and their awesome cooking themed brads.  At the same time, a friend loaned me her Cricut for the weekend and so began my passion for paper crafting.  When I'm not card making or recipe scrapping with my spoiled cat named Monster nearby, I enjoy cooking and entertaining friends at home in Kempner, Texas with my husband, Don.

I have been involved in paper crafting for 25 years, having been introduced to it when a friend visited me in the hospital and brought her scrapbook along to help pass the time. I was blown away by that scrapbook, having never seen one quite like it before. I loved the idea of pulling pictures out of a shoe box in the closet and turning them into works of art and adding heartfelt journaling to bring them to life.

It inspired me to begin scrap booking while recuperating. But what started as something to fill empty hours turned into a real passion and I’ve been playing with paper in one form or another ever since. Along the way, I found my real love…card making. It’s wonderful to be able to put a smile on someone’s face with a handcrafted card.

I’ve been a fan and customer of Eyelet Outlet for many years, seeking them out at Scrapbook Expos when they came to my neck of the woods. Being selected for the EO design team is a perfect fit for me!

I live with Katy, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who supervises my comings and goings and is the namesake of my blog.

Hello, my name is Jeanette and my hobby of choice is paper-crafting. Is there really any other hobby? I absolutely love making cards. Call me old-fashioned, if you must, but I also still MAIL cards. Emails are nice, as are text messages, but there’s nothing quite like receiving a card in the mail, especially one that is embellished with Eyelet Outlet products.
When I’m not creating mostly-one-of-a-kind cards in my Working Studio, you can find me enjoying my family (and doing the necessary cooking, laundry, and cleaning that goes with having a family), traveling, leading conferences, and doing volunteer work.

Designer Susan

I have decades of crafting experience from needlework to scrapbooking to card design. Although a knitter from age 7,  in 2010 I became a certified Expert Knitter and I enjoy designing and knitting custom sweaters. A few years later, I added scrapbooking to my hobby list.  From there, I went to card making and love the creativity of card design.

Originally from the Midwest, I currently reside in Massachusetts. 

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