Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Rock'in New Brads!!

You gotta love these new Dinosaur Brads from Eyelet Outlet!
So colorful, life like...and fun to design with. 
Those little boys in your life will be roaring with delight!!

Have a rockin' day! 
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Jurassic Park

Hello Eyelet Outlet fans! Today I have a fun card for the dinosaur kid in your life using our new Dinosaur Brads. These are so fun and I love the orange, gray and green/yellow colors used in these brads.

I created the scene in this card by using a mountain die cut and converting the snow to lava to create volcanoes. Now there's not much to mountains so if you don't have a die like this, you can draw and cut a set for yourself and no one will know the difference.

The sky is made with our Cloud Washi Tape. This is a perfect way to quickly create great looking sky backgrounds. It's a neutral blue which means it will go with any and all color schemes used in your card. You can't go wrong and it totally looks like designer paper. I also added a Sun Brad from the Sun and Cloud Brad set. This is another staple you really need to have in your collection. They are perfect in little scenes like this.

I used a few Copic markers to create the ground and the explosions at the top of the volcanoes. I stamped a few palm trees and mixed them up with our Palm Tree Brads so it has added dimension and thickness to the "jungle." Then the scene was ready for the stars of the show, the Dinosaur Brads! They are terrific in this scene.

The green glitter background is made with our Green Patterned Glitter Washi Tape and the striped background is made using the Foil Striped Washi Tape at an angle. The glitter washi tape like all of Eyelet Outlet's glitter tape is shed-free and I like the pattern which makes it more interesting and textured. The foil washi tape is also a great way to get that trendy foil look without mess or fuss.

To finish, I created the sentiment from a combination of stamps I had on hand and using my printer. Another Dino and Palm Tree finish it off.

Before I go, I want to tell you that Eyelet Outlet has gotten in a bunch of New Washi Tapes. Check it out! There's a lot of great ones that have been added to the store. Go to the Washi Tape - Decorative Tape page and all the new ones will show at the top.

Have a dinomite day!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Social Distancing

Today's card is something a bit different for me.....we are living in fast-changing times with an unexpected virus that we are all dealing with in some way or another.  I am intrigued by the new words we have learned quickly in the last few months all related to the virus.   This card is called "Social Distancing".

The CDC definition for Social Distancing is highlighted on the card and my depiction of such is created by using the detailed Eyelet Outlet animal brads (see list below), a Black Jewel (for doorknob), and Yellow Skinny Washi Tape.  Today when we leave our homes, we find the yellow tape, red tape, or even black lines painted on the sidewalk instructing us where to stand while waiting in line.  Other card materials used include the Penny Black 'Slapstick Houses' stamp set.

This card is card 1 of a 6 card series.  Each week another 'new' word is highlighted and the Eyelet Outlet brads and more are there to create the scene.  Head on over to the Eyelet Outlet Site and pick up brads, bling, and more to create your scene cards!

Eyelet Outlet materials used:
Deer Brads
Horse / Pony Brads
Kitty Brads
Puppy Brads
Lion , Tiger, Zebra Brads
Yellow Skinny Washi Tape
Black Jewel

Be Safe.  Be Well.  Happy Crafting!

Just a reminder!!

This weekend, 
Come join Eyelet Outlet in a virtual stamp show!
12:55pm eastern/9:55ampacific
Chat with the owner and designers and be inspired for the summer!

New brads are coming soon!!

We are ROARING with delight!!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Dinosaur Bookmark

Have you seen Eyelet Outlet's new dinosaur brads?  They're so fun!  There's three different ones in the set.  Last week I showed you the T-Rex and today I've got a bookmark for you featuring the brontosaurus and the triceratops from the set. 

I've also paired them with one of our palm tree brads.  At the bottom of the book mark I've used a strip of our popular book washi tape.  I'm sure this fun little bookmark will make your reader smile, so I hope you pick up some our new dinosaur brads and give this project a try.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Have a Magical Day

It's been a while since I (Lauren) have made a card with the lovely Eyelet Outlet Fairy Brads, and I've been missing them! So here's a "magical" slimline card:

I used a favorite alphabet stencil to add the word "MAGICAL" in exactly the right shades of Distress Oxide Ink to coordinate with all four Fairy Brads that come in each packet!

I used white foam alphas to finish the sentiment and added the Fairy Brads, a few Mini Stitched Flowers and some Blue Sequins for a bit of sparkle. I machine-stitched the panel onto my slimline card base that I made from a super-thick transparency, so it magically seems to float.

I hope you are having a Magical... and creative... day! ♥

wishes the fairies could also 
magically send the cards and 
maybe do a little laundry?

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

We all love a sale!!

Check out this sneak peek using the Dino Brads!

Love these guys! I'm sure they are going to be a hit for all those preschoolers! 
The black enamel dots make a nice detail in the opposite corners.
Be sure to add a couple of packages of Tall Palm Tree Brads to your orders.
And nothing sales warm weather like Butterfly Brads. We have several styles to choose from!

Have a DINO-mite day!!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up

Monday, June 22, 2020

Exciting times!!

This weekend, 
Come join Eyelet Outlet in a virtual stamp show!
12:55pm eastern/9:55ampacific
Chat with the owner and designers and be inspired for the summer!

New brads are coming soon!!
We are ROARING with delight!!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

You Make My World Go Round!

The Record Brads are just so much fun, they're hard to put down. Here's yet another one paired with the Headphone brad from the Computer and Headphone Brad Set. Having the option of the large and small records really makes them easy to use both as focal points and in sentiments. I used thin strips of Skinny Black Glitter Washi Tape over a background image that was free on the internet. A few Silver Glitter Enamel Dots and a bow on top of the two stacked tags "round" this one out. Get it? Round? Albums? Ha, ha! Ok. It must be late because I think I'm the only one laughing! Until next time....

Janet - SugarShine Designs
YouTube channel too!

Friday, June 19, 2020

Maro Polo!

The dinosaurs are coming soon to Eyelet Outlet and here's another sneak peak!

The mama dino is gathering her young for the evening.  One of the little ones decided to go exploring so mama is checking his location with the "Marco Polo" call to bring him home.

It's a bit whimsical, a bit unbelievable, but lots of fun, right?!?

The large dinosaur and palm trees are from Lawn Fawn stamps.  The dinosaur brads are some of Eyelet Outlet's newest and will be available soon.  The kid in all of us will find them fun and enjoyable to work with!

Start planning your dinosaur cards now and watch for the Eyelet Outlet announcement of their new dinosaur brads---it's coming soon.  Take a visit over to the Eyelet Outlet site for all of your brad, bling, washi supplies and more!

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, June 18, 2020


Eyelet Outlet will soon be releasing some brand new dinosaur brads.  The set includes a triceratops, a brontosaurus and a tyrannosaurus-rex.  The T-Rex in the set reminded me quite a lot of the infamous Godzilla and so today I'm bringing you a couple of Godzilla inspired cards!

First up is a timely little card since many of us are still social distancing and longing to see some of our friends and family.

I love making silly joke cards for the kids in my life this one is certain to get a laugh!  Again, I used the city scape from the Cricut's Plantin Schoolbook image set and a simple house from the Just Because image set.  

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to watch for the dinosaur brad set in the Eyelet Outlet online store!  It's a great set and you'll find lots of fun things to do with these little guys!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


The latest addition to the Eyelet Outlet menagerie are these adorable Dinosaur Brads, which are both classic AND Jurassic! There isn't a seven year old boy in my house, so I (Lauren) cannot be 100% sure, but I *think* the dinos which come in each pack are Tyrannosaurus, Diplodocus and Styracosaurus. What I am absolutely positive about is that they are suuuuuuuuuuuper cute!

My first card has more white space than I think I've ever used in my entire life, lol. But then dinosaurs need a lot of room, right? I made a softly stenciled background of foliage on which to place my Dino Brads, then added a peek-a-boo layer on top, with pierced holes to add interest around each window. I used chipboard alphabets for "RAWR" and a vintage Elite typewriter for the rest of my sentiment.

My second card uses the same stenciled foliage and yellow letters, but this time they're arranged in a long strip matted on some Glitter Gold Tape and the dinos are frolicking around the word "DINO-MITE". I added little block letters to complete the birthday phrase.

Eyelet Outlet will be participating in another Stamp and Scrapbook Expo Virtual Show, this Saturday, June 20th. Be sure to check our FaceBook page for details, and join designer Janet Axtman as she shows off the latest and greatest EO goodies! ♥

has a nephew who could tell you 
EVERYTHING about any 
dinosaur that ever lived!!! :)

Monday, June 15, 2020

Great Outdoors with Eyelet Outlet

Hey there!
Eyelet Outlet has decorative brads for every hobby!
Check out this outdoorsy card!

Thanks for swimming by.
Not a fisherman...but I have caught a fish!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up

Sunday, June 14, 2020

I Believe In Wineicorns!

Hi everyone! I'm not a big unicorn fan but I am a huge WINECORN fan! Now that's something I can believe in!

Hope you enjoy this one using the Unicorn & Rainbow Brads as well as the Wine Brads and some Clear Sequins from the store to add some sparkle. I used a Darice Unicorn embossing folder with some Really Rainbow Designer Paper from Lawn Fawn. Super fast, fun and simple! Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Pizza Party

Each time I take an afternoon to scrapbook I come away thinking I should do it more often!  Recipe scrapping actually was where my papercrafting journy began in 2009 and also when I first became acquainted with Eyelet Outlet.  I was scrapbooking family favorite pie recipes for my daughters at the time and was in search of great cooking themed embellishments and I sure did find them at Eyelet Outlet!

Recently my granddaughter and I made a family favorite - homemade pizza and after her visit, I made a two sets of these scrapbook pages - one for her book as well as one for my own cookbook.

The images I used for my pages came from the Cricut image library. Since we topped our pizza with both red and green bell peppers, I used one of each color from Eyelet Outlet's Vegetable Brad set on the cutting board.  The knife is from Cricut's "From My Kitchen" image set.  

I love that Eyelet Outlet's got so many different colored enamel hearts and shapes. There's always a color that compliments my project.  Here I used yellow and white.  

The cute pizza themed digital paper comes from PrettyGrafic's Etsy shop.  There's 12 different patterns in the set, but this one with the little pizza chefs was perfect, don't you think?  

I used Eyelet Outlet Flour Canister brad (Sugar is in the set, too), the Wooden Spoon brad from the Baking Brads set and the Rolling Pin brad from the Cooking Brad set to embellish my recipe card.  

If one of your goals is to preserve your family's favorite recipes with a recipe scrapbook, be sure to check out the Food, Drink, and Cooking brads at Eyelet Outlet!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Graduation Toast

Not enough graduation toasts include ACTUAL toast, imo; a fact I (Lauren) have set out to correct, in card form.

I saw a cartoon somewhere with kawaii toast wearing a graduation cap and of course being a good Eyelet Outlet gal, I realized it would be even better with our Graduation Hat Brads and the Toast from the Bacon, Egg and Toast set. 

If you prefer your toasts a little less punny, the champagne glasses in the Eyelet Outlet Wedding Brad set might be more to your liking. Because YES, we do literally have a brad for EVERYTHING!!! :) 

Lauren Bergold
prefers bagels to toast IRL,
but agrees that toast is better 
as a brad and as a pun.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Just a Treat!

Sometimes, you just need a treat. 
Eyelet Outlet has all the treats you need...eye candy for paper crafting!

I used the Doughnut Brads along with pretty, pink Pearl Bling for the accents.

What is your go to treat?

Sunday, June 7, 2020

You Rock!

Remember the good old days of records and record players? I was a teen in the 80's so I am old enough to remember buying my favorite albums before cassettes came into favor with the Walkman. Wow! That'll take you back won't it? This card features the fantastic Record - Vinyl Brad Set. This set is awesome for any music themed project.

I printed the album graphic on glossy photo paper. Using photo papers to print graphics has become one of my favorite things to do recently. The printouts are so clear and bright. The vintage record player stamp comes from this past year's retro holiday card kit from Hero Arts. Honestly, I could have done without it but it was fun to color it up. The sentiment is heat embossed with a sparkle black powder. I love the shine but it was hard to capture in the photo. I stamped the music notes but Eyelet Outlet has a Music Notes Brad Set that I don't yet own. Those would have been even better on this card. The red, white and blue cardstock is from DCWV and called Tie-Dyed Stack. 

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a rockin' and rollin' kind of day!

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Hat's Off to the Graduate!

Today I have a really fun graduation card to show you.  This fold is called a wiper card, because as the card is opened, an interactive mechanism swipes up like a windshield wiper.  I learned this fold from my fellow Eyelet Outlet design team member, Janet.  She demonstrates the technique on here on her YouTube channel, SugarShine Designs.

The sentiments and graduate images I used for this card are all from the Cricut image library. 

What really adds to the fun and dimension of this card are the awesome Eyelet Outlet brads!  I used the graduation cap brads both on the outside sentiment as well as the pop up wiper.  By accentuating the sky patterned paper with Eyelet Outlet cloud and sun brads, it really gave the illusion that the graduate was tossing his graduation cap into the air! I also added some of Eyelet Outlet's new sequins for some more sparkle.  

Thanks for stopping in today!