Saturday, August 31, 2019

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree

I love Christmas - all things Christmas. I especially love Christmas trees, though. Even Charlie Brown ones.

Of course it looks fabulous - after all, it has an Eyelet Outlet Red Ornament Brad on it.

Did you notice the Glitter Enamel Dots?

And here's a trick for you. I used it on the inside of the card, but you can also use it on a card front... Merry Christmas Washi Tape makes the perfect (and SUPER EASY) sentiment. 

Yep, I love Christmas!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

True Story!

Continuing my theme of "where the ideas come from" this week I (Lauren) took inspiration from the awesome t-shirt my BFF was wearing the last time we got together. For one thing: this really is how I feel most of the time!!! For another, I knew I could make a super-fun card that used our Eyelet Outlet Computer and Headphone Brads. See?

The first thing I realized was that this sentiment was a bit long to stamp or use stickers. So I made a little piece of word art on the computer. It's much simpler than it sounds, you just type in your text and then have fun choosing a different font for each line. I've saved my version as a .jpg and you are welcome to use it; it'll be on the Freebies page. 

Once I had my sentiment panel, I only needed to set the Computer and Headphone Brads, one at the top left corner, and the other at the bottom right. Then I matted the whole thing on a piece of fun patterned paper I made by neatly lining up strips of Math Washi Tape on a scrap of plain white cardstock. Et voila!

I hope you'll be inspired to create your own fun word art. And I bet there is a combination of Eyelet Outlet Brads and Washi Tape that will make it into a brilliant, unique card! ♥

has a very large 
collection of fonts!

Monday, August 26, 2019

End of Summer...

It's the end of summer...but that just means craft time should be ramping up!
Eyelet Outlet has decorative brads for your favorite hobby.
These Fishing Lure Brads are a great match to our many Fish Brads.

The Sun & Cloud Brads and Mini Butterfly Brads are a great addition to any outdoor scene.

Hope you are enjoying the last moments of Summer!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Hey Foxy

Today's card features the oh-so-adorable Fox Brads. I love these little critters and I wanted them to be the focal point on my card, so I left everything else (other than the card base) neutral in color.

I added some Black Enamel Dots to add some balance to the card.

Here's a close-up 
so you can see how cure those Fox Brads are:

I even added a Fox Brad to the inside of the card
(in the bottom left corner):

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Spider on the Web!

If you know me, then you know I love making silly joke cards for the kiddos in my life, so today I paired one of the Eyelet Outlet mini spider brads with the new computer brad for some fun!

Kids love getting snail mail and it's even more fun when there are brads involved!  They love the texture and interest these awesome embellishments bring to our cards and projects!

Be like the spider!  Get on the web at today and fill your cart with fun!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Here Comes the Sun(flowers)

The other day I (Lauren) was sorting through my big box of Eyelet Outlet goodies, when I suddenly realized I had never made a card with the gorgeous Sunflower Brads from the May release. Obviously I had to drop everything and attend to that!

These cards have quite a bit more white space than is usual for me and the white space is actually white in color, as well! But I had the beautiful Sunflower Brads and the equally lovely wide Glitter Sunflower Tape, so it's not like I needed a whole lot more than that. For my first card I affixed the brads to a circle of watercolor paper I custom painted with some very diluted Lemon Yellow ColorBurst. I added diecut leaves, a wordfetti sentiment and lots of Champagne Jewel Swirl Bling; with everything clustered on top of a little collage of Skinny Washi Tapes in shades of yellow and orange.

For my second card, I affixed the Sunflower Brads to some texty paper which had pretty little clusters of flowers and leaves. I covered the roses on the paper with our Sunflowers, but let the leaves show through. I added a bit more foliage and a couple of orange Mini Butterfly Brads. Again I mixed a few different Skinny Washi Tapes with the Glitter Sunflower Tape, and chose a typewriter print sentiment that coordinated well. 

I hope you're enjoying a day full of Sunshine and Happiness... not to mention creativity! ♥

used to live across the street 
from a sunflower farm!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Just a mouse click away...

Cyber friends are always a click away.
What else is super easy to access?
Why the Eyelet Outlet store site!!
Easy to navigate with oodles of inspiring creations that coordinate with our products,
you can stop any time of day...or night at the Eyelet Outlet!


Or...come visit out booth!

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Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Cats and Dogs

Whether you're a dog person or a cat person, Eyelet Outlet has you covered. Maybe you like both cats and dogs. If so, that's okay, too. Just remember, it's cats that have a bit of attitude. 

Eyelet Outlet Products Used:

Greenery Washi Tape

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Back to the Books

It seems like summer just arrived, but already it's time for it to come to a close and the kids are heading back to school.  Have you seen the new School Bus Brad at Eyelet Outlet?  It's perfect for all your back to school cards and scrapbook layouts!

And of course, it pairs perfectly with our Book Brads!  I've also used a summer tree and our cloud washi tape for my window scene and a couple of bright colored enamel dots to finish it off.  

Supplies Used:

Cricut Locker Talk Image Set:  desk
Cricut Back to School Image Set: sentiment

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Just For *EWE*!

WARNING: the diabolical pun level of this post is VERY HIGH; pun-haters look away now!

I (Lauren) have a pair of extra-punny cards today, featuring our adorable Sheep Brads and a few other cool Eyelet Outlet goodies!

Last week I posted some Llama Brad cards that were inspired by a pair of novelty socks. Continuing in that same vein, my first Sheep Brad card was inspired by this cute pouch my sister gave me. (Because yes, there does seem to be a Pun Gene, and our family definitely has it!!!) :)

My first thought (of course!) was, "Hey! We have Sheep Brads AND Eye Glass Brads!!!" so obviously I had to use both. I created the sentiment with a mixture of stamps (spectac and lar) and alphabet stickers. My original idea for the card did not involve Star Brads, and would have had the specs right next to "you're". But because the Eye Glass Brads are open at the center, they have their prongs off at the edges, and actually need two small holes, and I didn't punch the holes precisely enough. Of course I could have started over, but at times like these, I will usually try to come up with a fix. In this case, it was to move the glasses up, and place a white star over the resultant holes; then add a couple more stars to make the placement seem more intentional. In the end, I think they look really good, and if I was going to make a second card like this, I'd plan on stars from the beginning!

The thing about puns is, it's hard to stop at just one, lol. So while I was making the "Spectac-EWE-lar" card, I kept thinking of other words with "EWE" in them. One of which was, "EWE-phoria". At first I wasn't sure how that would translate into a card, but when I was retrieving the Star Brads for the first card, I saw my Knitting Brads and thought about how much I love yarn, some of which --coincidentally-- comes from sheep. I drew the long tangly trail verrrrrrry lightly in pencil and stitched over it twice with my sewing machine. Then I added my alphabet stickers and finally set the Sheep Brad, plus two balls of blue yarn (the packs also contain yellow, purple and green) and the needles from the Knitting Brads.

That's all for today. If you need me, I'll be right over there, near the air conditioning vent, knitting! ♥

really really really
loves yarn!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Thanks for Backing Me Up

Welcome to my office. ;)

My office has lots and lots of books, of course! And a bit of technology, too - a cell phone, headphones, and laptop computer.

Eyelet Outlet Products:

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Why Did the Tiger Loose at Poker?

I can't help myself!  I love making silly joke cards for the kids in my life and this old tiger joke came quickly to mind when I saw the new Eyelet Outlet Tiger brad!  I knew he'd pair perfectly with the playing card brads, so away I went to create this card!

A touch of playing card washi tape and this card practically made itself!  The kids will love it!

If you're in the Duluth Georgia area this weekend, July 19-20, we will be at the Scrapbook Expo, so come on by and pick up some awesome embellishments!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Inspired by... SOCKS?

Inspiration really is EVERYWHERE! Sometimes I (Lauren) find it myself, and other times, a friend or family member sends me something which triggers an idea. These cards are the result of the latter; I'll explain in a minute. But meanwhile check out the adorable Eyelet Outlet Llama Brads and Llama Washi Tape:

Now, here is the inspiration, an actual pair of socks spotted in a shop by my craft bestie and EO Design Team alumnus, Stephanie:

Of course as soon as I saw it I immediately thought, "LLAMA BRAD CARD!!!" :) I made the vertically oriented card first, using two sets of alphabet stamps for the sentiment. You'll notice the base is a fun graph paper print; Doodlebug has a whole rainbow of them, which I love, even just aesthetically. But also... if you're going to hand stamp a long sentiment, one letter at a time, it's quite handy to work on a paper which has a nice strong horizontal line. Just sayin'. I placed the star of the show, the handsome Llama Brad, next to his name, popped on a purple Heart Enamel and filled the rest of the panel with Llama Tape

I actually love everything about the first card, but it did occur to me as I was working that it would be fun to have more color in the sentiment AND I'd like it even more if the sentiment was on three lines instead of four. So this time I chose a stamp set that could be colored in, and turned my paper horizonal so that "ding dong" fit on one line. Since that meant no "extra" space at the bottom, I placed two strips of Llama Tape right down the middle, and spelled out "llama" in chipboard letter stickers so they'd stand out. The two lowercase L's seemed like the perfect place for another Llama Brad. And since the Heart Enamels were still sitting on my worktable, it seemed a shame not to add a few.

What have you seen lately in a shop, a website, or even a catalog, that made you think, "Hey! That might look good on a card!"? Whatever it was, I'm going to bet that Eyelet Outlet has a brad which could make your idea even better!

would actually 
wear those llama socks!