Thursday, January 31, 2019

SEW Thankful!

A couple of years ago my old sewing machine stitched it's last stitch.  When I say, "old," I DO mean old!  It had been passed down to my mom from my her mom, then to me and I estimate that it was at least 80 years old.  I didn't sew a lot, but I knew that machine and could thread it with my eyes closed.  My husband bought me a new machine for Christmas a few years ago and I have been so intimidated by it! Recently I decided I was going to conquer this by getting it out and practicing!  So far, so good! I even used it to add some dimension to the card I'm bringing you today!

I just loved this sewing machine image from Cricut's Makers Gonna Make image set!  It's so fun and cheerful with the flowers on it and when I added Eyelet Outlet Enamel Dots in shades of pink and purple to it, it really made me smile!  I decided to snip off the spool of thread that is on the image and replace it with an Eyelet Outlet thread brad and added a black spool to the card as well.  The thread brads package comes with black, white, pink, blue and yellow spools.  

The cute little scissor brads are a perfect compliment to the thread brads and so I attached a small piece of loose thread under the scissors.  I've really been reaching for this checked skinny washi tape lately and thought a strip of it looked great next to my stitching.  Eyelet Outlet has lots of brand new washi tapes in the store, so I hope you'll follow this link and go have a look!

A couple of enamel hearts added the perfect touch next to my groovy sewing machine!  Check out all the great enamel shapes at Eyelet Outlet!

Thanks for stopping by today and keep on crafting!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Whole Lotta Love

Something I (Lauren) didn't realize until I was loading up my photos, is that I have not used any Eyelet Outlet Brads this week. *HOW* did that happen?! I have, however, used plenty of blingtape, and enamels along with a super-useful mason jar stamp and die set, to make two fun Valentines.

I don't make nearly enough shaker cards. Which is weird because any time I do make them, I really love the results. In this case, I used the mason jar die to cut the shape from my top layer of paper and backed it with clear plastic that I saved from some packaging. I used several layers of foam tape to make an extra deep pocket, so that I could use Heart Jewel Bling as my shaker contents. To do so, I had to carefully peel the adhesive off each heart, so they'd be able to move around without getting stuck. An alternative is just to cover the adhesive backing liberally with powder or cornstarch, thus neutralizing it. (FYI: This works on stickers, too!) I "labeled" the jar with clear Heart Bling, made a mat with my favorite henna-inspired Wide Flower Washi Tape and called it good to go!

For my second card, I used Staz-On ink to stamp the mason jar onto a piece of plain cardstock which I'd made into a fun patterned paper by neatly lining up strips of Love Tape. I filled the jar with yellow and red Heart Enamels and mounted it on another tape-centric "paper" which is composed of Heart Washi and Skinny Red Dots Tape, placed at regular intervals on a piece of graph paper. 

I hope you'll be inspired to find fun new ways to combine your favorite stamp and die sets with beautiful Eyelet Outlet embellishments!

thinks she might be the first designer 
to use a Led Zeppelin song 
as an EO Blog post title...

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A Nap

Hey there!  It's Kim from Katydid Cards.

I don't know about you, but I am still trying to recover from the holidays.  All that hustle and bustle.  Then again, maybe it's just life.  The card I'm sharing today is a humorous example of just how I've been feeling...needing a nap!

I tried my hand at a diagonal flip card.  Turns out, it was perfect for this image from Art Impressions.  After I stamped her, I cut her out and then outfitted her with an iPhone from the Selfie Brads, Purse, and Pearl Bling earrings.  The background combines Brick and Brown Glitter Washi Tape with some Swirl Bling to finish.

When you flip open the left side, here's what you find inside with a bit more bling.

For you cardmakers out there, have you tried this card fold yet?  It was easy and a lot of fun, so I hope you do.

Kim  from Katydid Cards 
Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy did!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Tweet Wishes

Eyelet Outlet has a variety of birds and animal brads.
How fun are these two!  They come in a mix called Blue Bird & Robin.  A little spring in the middle of Winter.
Remember, we have new Washi Tape in our store!

I hope that you are dreaming of spring, even through today's winter storm!

Our green paper flowers cut down to make the perfect leaves.
Add a little bling for interest.

Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Life Is Like a Camera

I love LOVE Washi Tape. I'll confess, I have somewhat of an addiction to the stuff! Why? Well, it's colorful and fun. It's easy to use. It's flat and lightweight, so it doesn't require extra postage when mailing cards made with it. It comes in a wide variety of colors, designs, widths, etc. It is inexpensive. The list goes on and on and on.

Oh... and did I mention? Eyelet Outlet has lots and lots and lots of Washi Tape!

I love Washi Tape!

Let's count and see how many different Washi Tapes are featured on my card today... how many do you see?

Look closely (one of them is trying to hide).

There are 6!

Yes, six!!!

3 colors of Skinny Washi 

(similar to this one)

And the really fun thing about all of this Washi Tape is it makes the card so colorful and creative, with no need for decorative papers.

In addition to Washi Tape I used a couple of other Eyelet Outlet products on my card...

Thanks for stopping by today! Be sure to head over to the Eyelet Outlet store where you'll find lots of bargains on great embellishments!

(a self-proclaimed Washi Tape Addict)

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Our Love Story

This morning I was perusing through Cricut Design Space images and came across a wonderful new image set called, "Our Love Story."  By the time I had reached the bottom of the page and seen all of the 35 images in this collection, I had FOUR valentine cards created in my head pairing these sweet images with a number of Eyelet Outlet products!  Before you know it, all four were finished, too! They practically made themselves!

This Cricut image actually has deer antlers on it and at first I thought I would replace them with Eyelet Outlet Deer Antler Brads, but I decided I preferred the doe and buck instead. I really love the Eyelet Outlet enamel shapes!  They add so much dimension to projects and this card really popped with a generous number of them in various sizes and shades.  

When I saw this "Giddy Up" phrase, I immediately reached for my Eyelet Outlet Horse brad!  I added some grass and a fence to my scene which are from different Cricut image sets.  Then I topped the card off with a couple enamel hearts.  

Next up, I loved this beating heart phrase!  You can almost hear the heartbeat through the realistic stethoscope brad  that I positioned slightly over top of an enamel heart!

Now for my favorite card!  I've had these Eyelet Outlet Peppermint Candy brads for the longest time, but had never used them on a project.  This colorful image really grabbed my attention and I knew the assortment of colors in my candy brads would be the perfect complement!  A bit of Red & White Foil Washi Tape for some added pop and my card was complete!

I wanted to share a tip with you on how I got these candies applied in a perfect straight line on my card.  I knew I wanted a candy positioned over each one of the scallops of the border, which is from Cricut's Holiday Cakes set, so in order to line up the holes straight and centered, I used text! I typed in 6 periods and then used the letter spacing function until each period was centered over the scallops.  I moved the scalloped border image out of the way at that point, because the holes actually needed to be in the white card base.  Then, using the slice tool in Design Space, I sliced the punctuation marks into the white layer to create perfectly aligned holes for my candy brads.  

Here is how it looked on my design canvas in Cricut Design Space.

And here's how it looked after slicing the punctuation into the mat.  Presto! Perfectly aligned holes ready for my candy brads!

Thanks so much for stopping in today!  Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Sale News

News Flash!! Eyelet Outlet has a sale on Enamel Dots & Shapes! They are $1.96 from now until Jan 26!! No code required...and it is our LOWEST price ever! Did you know we have all sorts of shapes and styles. There are matte, shiny and glittery enamels! Also...check out our new selection of Valentine Washi tape! New styles are popping up on our store. You'll want to add them to any order! 

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

No photo description available. much more!

Also...we have new styles of Valentine Washi tape!
* Heart Washi Tape - Vertical
* Heart Wash Tape
* Hugs & Kisses  Washi Tape

Love Ewe...

...more than yarn?! Surely not, lol. Because knitters like myself (Lauren) really loooooove yarn! And also Eyelet Outlet Knitting Brads, which include the beautiful purple yarn our sheep friend is knitting up. There are three more EO products on this card... can you spot them?

Most likely you noticed the purple Heart Enamels, which are a fave of mine. How about the Tape Measure Washi that acts as a mat around the edge? Admittedly, I trimmed the numbers off which disguises it a bit, but I wanted a skinny border, so I chopped it down. Finally we have the fun "I Love Ewe" which is one of the awesome sentiments from our Farm Animal Stamps. Just goes to show you that a little creativity can make familiar products into something new and cool, eh?

I hope you'll be inspired to use your favorite Eyelet Outlet items in your own creative way, as well!

really does love yarn!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Wink Wink

It's Kim from Katydid Cards with my final Valentine's Card and possibly my favorite of the three I made this year.  I used several kinds of bling on this card; Heart Jewel Bling, Red Jewel Multi-Sized Bling, the smallest red bling from the Fancy Long Bling and the red marquis shaped bling from the Holiday Flower set.

The card base was cut using the file purchased in the Silhouette store.  I adapted the card base to create the label for the greeting.  The eyeglasses are also a Silhouette store cut file.
The patterned paper, retired Stampin' Up, was a great match.  Words of love, but rather reminds me of an eye test, too.

Here's a closer look at the eyeglasses and all that luscious bling.

Inside, a little play on words and the Eyeglasses Brads to complete the look.

Did you see my first two Valentine's Day cards?  If not, you can link to them here and here.

Kim from Katydid Cards
Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy did!

Monday, January 21, 2019

I Heart You!

Happy Heart Day is coming up!
Check out a couple of fun ways to use Eyelet Outlet's heart shaped enamels.

First...Heart over load!  The more the merrier is my favorite slogan.
Any loving sentiment will be a great addition!

Make someone's day sweeter with a cupcake featuring a single large, white heart
flanked by two sweet treats!

How will YOU use Eyelet Outlet Heart Enamel Shapes?

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Thank You with Donuts and Coffee

I'm so glad you've stopped by the blog today. I hope wherever you are, the weather isn't keeping you from doing what you love to do. For me, that's make cards... and the weather never interferes with that. ;)

I'm often in need of a Thank You card. If you are, too, you might like this card...

Eyelet Outlet Products Used:

Those donuts look almost good enough to eat, don't they?

Now, if you're snowed-in (or even if you're not),
why not head over to the 
for some shopping!

Thanks again for stopping by today!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

You Are Here

I'm all set for my brother's birthday with this card! I don't think I need to worry about him seeing here on the Eyelet Outlet Blog before his birthday, because he's too busy cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood to follow along with us!

I love this Wood Textures Designer Series Paper Pack from Stampin' Up.  It's two sided paper and has several different styles in the pack.  

I used the Hand Brad from the Typewriter & Hand Brad Set to point to my brother's age on the tree's rings!  😉  Carrying my tree theme further, I added some Eyelet Outlet Tree Brads.  We have several styles.  The 3 on the right are from the Summer Tree Brad Set and the one on the left is one of the Pine Tree Brads.  

Let's do a little "Throw Back Thursday," today, shall we?  The Typewriter & Hand Brad Set includes an amazing little vintage typewriter that I just love!  Here's a retirement card I made several years ago using that typewriter as well as the vintage telephone brad.  

Thanks for stopping by today, and if you run into my brother, please don't tell him about his birthday card!  

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Have a BEAR-y Nice Day!

Warning: This post contains Diabolical Puns; those who do not enjoy such humor should look away NOW! 

It's Lauren here again with more Valentines. Or rather, one official Valentine and one all-occasion card. But really... you could make them both all-occasion or both Valentines. Anyway, here are the cards in question, they both feature our adorable Eyelet Outlet Bear Brads:

"Bear Hugs" was the first idea that came to me when I saw these lovely little guys and I've made it into a Valentine, but really, you could send "Bear Hugs on Your Birthday" or "Thinking of You and Sending Bear Hugs" or even "Get Well Bear Hugs for You"!  Isn't it nice when cards can multi-task? 

When I thought of the "Un-BEAR-able" pun I was stumped for a bit as to how to use it on a card without being rude, lol! But finally it came to me. 

Of course there are plenty of additional ways to go: "Sending BEARY Good News"... "Wishing You a BEARY Happy Birthday" or even, "I'm em-BEAR-assed that I missed your birthday"! It turns out that Bear Brads are pretty handy to have around! ♥

comes from a very PUNNY family! 
(But you probably guessed that already...)

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Kim from Katydid Cards here with another Valentine's Day card.

I don't know about you, but I'm fascinated with mazes and love to challenge myself by finding my way through one.  Here's a way to cleverly incorporate a maze in this Valentine's card using the Heart Pearls and Bicycle Brads.

I cut the maze using a cut file purchased in the Silhouette store.  I placed a rectangle of brushed silver cardstock behind it.  The greeting was created in my Silhouette and matted that with the same silver.

I added two additional hearts on the greeting to accent.  I heat embossed the direction arrow from the Bicycle Brad Pack with Silver and placed that at the entrance to the maze with a third heart pearl at the center.

Inside, the sentiment which I think works well with the greeting and the maze and another heart for a perfect ending!  I matted this panel on more brushed silver.

I have another Valentine's Card to show you next week.  In case you missed the card I shared last week, here's a link to it.

Kim from Katydid Cards
Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy did!