Saturday, November 30, 2019

Make Your Own Magic!

Eyelet Outlet has so many fun wizard types of items. 

Eyelet Outlet Products used:

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Friday, November 29, 2019

Festival of Trees

Today's card is fast, easy, and fun!  It's called A Festival of Trees and perfect for those times when you need a card in a hurry and don't have time to gather together lots of supplies and tools.

What's needed to create this card:  white cardstock, a card base, enamel dots, paper trimmer, and multiple spools of holiday washi tape.  The card above has an inked sky, however, these colorful trees will look just fine on a white background.

Layer the wash tape one above the other on the cardstock (I used a 6x8 inch piece of white cardstock), cut the triangles to the desired size, and determine the placement on the card base.   As a final touch, white glitter enamel dots are added to the sky representing snow and a silver glitter enamel dot is placed on the top of each tree as a tree topper decoration.  It's that simple!

Tips & Tricks

* Ensure each washi  tape is in the correct direction.  It's easy to mistakenly have one upside down.  (I speak from experience!)

* It appears to be more pleasing to the eye to begin with a narrow washi tape followed by a wide washi tape and repeating this pattern over and over.  My best results were using the same narrow washi tape throughout the triangle.

* The card example above uses multi-colored washi tape.  Another idea is to use the washi all in the same colorway contrasted by a different colored narrow washi tape.  Example:  medium to wide washi with predominant red color with a green narrow washi tape in between.

* Less is more....maybe!  This card would also look great with three trees of varying sizes on the left and a large holiday greeting on the right side of the card.  It's not necessary to have trees filling the entire card.

* The sky can be omitted, inked to your choosing, or a patterned paper can be used to represent the sky.  It's your choice and all three options will look fine.

* The triangles don't necessarily need to be exact or perfect.  To make them as symmetrical as possible, I cut a strip to the desired width and length of the tree.  Place a small mark at the top in the middle of the strip (if a 2" tree base, then I marked 1" at the top).  I then used a paper trimmer to cut from the mark at the top to the bottom edge on the right and then repeated this cut on the left.

* The card example above is in landscape orientation, however, portrait orientation can also be used.

As you can see, this card has choices.  Your preferences rule!

Eyelet Outlet is a great source for the washi tape and enamel dots needed to create this card.  Head on over to the Eyelet Outlet online shop and check out the variety won't be disappointed!

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Nutcracker Magic

As soon as I saw Eyelet Outlet's new Nutcracker Brad, I knew I needed to create a ballerina card with it!  This sweet little ballerina is from Cricut's Twinkle Toes cartridge and I used a precious digital face from Peachy Keen Stamps on her.  

A couple of snowflake brads, some stick-on bling, and a touch of gold glitter washi tape add to the magic, too!

This nutcracker magic digital paper from Happy Hearts Studio's Etsy store was the perfect complement to our wonderful Nutcracker Brads!

Thanks for stopping in today! Enjoy this Thanksgiving with those you love! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Hip To Be Square

I (Lauren) like square cards. I'm even willing to pay the extra ounce of postage, to get that beautiful shape and a slightly larger canvas to decorate with Eyelet Outlet Brads, Bling, Washi Tape and Paper Flowers!

With the exception of the card base and diecut snowflakes, my first card is composed entirely of Eyelet Outlet goodies! The background panel is made of Checked Tape, inset with gorgeous new Cardinal Washi flanked with Skinny Xmas Tape. The center of the stacked snowflake (which includes a white Paper Floweris fancy new Snowflake Bling; I've even adorned my clear Swirl Bling with some smaller Snowflake Bling.

My second card features a commercial patterned paper, but I love the way I could add a bunch of different tapes right on top to customize that fun plaid! I've got more Checked TapeCardinal Washi and a different Skinny Xmas Tape, not to mention a cool scripty Merry Christmas TapePoinsettia Washi and a red dotty Skinny Tape; all of which is flanked by festive red Jewel Strips. I lined up my snowflake diecuts this time and topped them with a white Paper Flower and finally a beautiful Cardinal Profile Brad.

Wishing all of my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, and an Especially Nice Thursday to everybody else! ♥

still really realllllllllllllllllly
loves washi tape!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Me WOW!!

Glitter washi tape will make your creations purr with delight!  
Use it to wrap a small panel...or punch out simple shapes to add interest!

Hope your holiday week is amazing!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up

Monday, November 25, 2019

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sweet Friend

We all have them, right? Sweet friends. They're the best! Maybe today we should send our sweet friend a card and let her know how much we appreciate her - maybe even tuck a gift card for a special treat inside. 

I added some of the Washi Tape inside my card, too.

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Winter Wishes

Thinking back over time, I've experienced many holiday traditions repeated year over year.  At my grandma's house were the hard candies and the nutcrackers while my aunt's house had the most beautiful silver tree with stunning ornaments.   It was the time of year to also see a red pickup truck with a fresh cut tree navigating through the snow.

Today's card entitled 'Winter Wishes' creates reminders of those holiday traditions.

The Eyelet Outlet brads are beautifully detailed and are perfect for creating this holiday card.  The brads and other materials used include:

Santa Hat
Snow Couple
Santa Suit
Red Pick Up Truck
Holiday Coffee
Enamel Dots

Think about making this card about the holiday / winter traditions you may have.  Head on over to the Eyelet Outlet online shop and find the brads, washi, and bling that will make your card come alive!

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Advent Calendar

Today I'm bringing you a Pinterest inspired project that I've wanted to make for several years now and finally got around to it this week!  I created an Advent Calendar for my granddaughter out of a muffin pan!

I began by cutting out circles from magnetic paper on my Cricut Maker.  The magnetic paper sticks to the muffin pan to cover the openings.  

Next the fun started!  Creating fun little designs to embellish the magnetic circles! Most, if not all, of my designs were elements found in Cricut Design Space.  

What really added to the project were the many Eyelet Outlet products I used!  The brad, bling, and enamel dots really jazzed this project up! Most came from our Holiday Collection.  

I used vinyl to apply the "Merry Christmas, Love Grandma & Grandpa."  Just a little FYI to save you some grief if you should decide to make one - spray paint doesn't stick to Teflon! I found that out the hard way!  :(   Look for a pan that isn't coated with a non-stick surface if you want to spray paint it.

Each day from December 1st through Christmas Eve, she will get to open up a little prize of candy, small toy, or money.  I can't wait to give this to her!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Making a Scene

All you need to make the *GOOD* kind of scene, in a cardmaking sense, is a judicious combination of Eyelet Outlet Brads and Glitter Tape... and ok... maybe a little bit of Bling, as well. Which is what I (Lauren) have used to make these two winter wonderland cards:

 This Glitter Tall Tree Tape has the perfect colors, the perfect (wide) width and the perfect amount of glitter, of the variety which absolutely DOES NOT leave a sparkly trail wherever it goes. This I needed no more than a few torn paper mats and some Pine TreePrancing Deer and Snowflake Brads to make a perfectly peaceful winter scene.

I've used a second variety of Glitter Tree Tape on my second card, which I framed with Blue Marble Tape and some Fancy Pearl and Jewel Bling before attaching my Moose and Pine Tree Brads. I've bordered the vertical sheet music panel with some Glitter Star Tape and allowed my Snowflake Brads and a few of the tiny gems from the Pearl Bling to cascade down the front of the card.

I expect there are nearly endless combinations of Glitter Tape and Brads that would look beautiful on holiday --or even just winter-themed-- cards. I hope you'll be inspired to try your own variations!

would prefer that snow only ever 
appeared on xmas cards and tv shows!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Plum Crazy for Snow!

If you love winter, Eyelet Outlet has new washi tape, brads and bling to help you celebrate. 
If you don't enjoy winter, well, Eyelet Outlet has new washi tape, brads and bling to enliven your season!


Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up

And yes, we have snow!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Welcome to the Claus' Igloo

You might not know this, but Santa and Mrs. Claus live in an igloo... or maybe, just maybe, the igloo is their second (vacation) home. In any case, it looks like Santa is welcoming us to his home.

Eyelet Outlet Products used:

I added some of the Washi Tape to the inside of my card, too.

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Friday, November 15, 2019

A Winter Gathering Place

It's that time of year where families and friends gather to have fun, renew friendships, and celebrate traditions created over time.  It got me thinking...what would a forest holiday celebration look like?
Let me introduce:  "A Winter Gathering Place".

The nutcrackers are adorning the tree tops with bling, the reindeer is providing the snow people with a lovely sleigh ride, while the others are arriving via the red pick up truck and the antique cars The sky is full of stars embellished with bling, while the large bling star overlooks all of the activities.

This card tells a story and just makes me smile!  You can easily re-create this card with the brads and bling from the Eyelet Outlet.  The EO supplies used include:

Snow People
Red Truck
Antique Cars
Red Bling with Pearls
Large Bling Star

Head on over to the Eyelet Outlet online shop and check out all the brads and bling.   Then create a card with your celebration story!

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Holiday Gift Card Holder

Good morning, crafters!  Today I'm bringing you one of my pop-up gift card holders. I really enjoy making these, because the possibilities for decorating the belly band that holds the card closed are endless!  

This being a coffee gift card, the new Eyelet Outlet Holiday Coffee Brads were the perfect choice and who doesn't like a delicious Christmas cookie with their coffee?! So our Christmas Cookie Brads were the obvious pairing, don't you think?  I rounded out my design with a lovely little Eyelet Outlet Holly Brad.  

The red and white snowflake paper went so nicely with the Holiday Coffee Brad, too.  It is a digital paper from AMB Illustrations Etsy shop in a set called "Fun in the Snow." The image used on the belly band is from Cricut's Holly Jolly Christmas image set and the inside sentiment is from Cricut's Greeting Card Sentiments and the decorative element is from Cricut's Drawn Christmas Embellishments image set.  

Keep on crafting friends!  Forty-one days until Christmas!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

What's Black and White...

...and black and white... and white... and white... and white... and white?! Penguins in a snowstorm!!! Or, to be more specific, the brand spankin' new Eyelet Outlet Penguin Brads in a couple of snowstorm cards. Like these:

I (Lauren) am always excited when a finished project turns out looking EXACTLY like the idea that was in my head. And this was one of those times! I knew I wanted loads of diecut snowy hills stretching far into the distance with Penguins the only creature in sight. I wasn't absolutely sure if a landscape or portrait card would be best, so I decided to just make both.

My second card features fewer Penguin Brads, but I've compensated by adding Snowflake Brads, to get a little more action into the scene.

I hope that you'll be inspired to make something fun today; and I also hope there is less snow than this where you live!

enjoys snow on cards much more 
than snow in real life!

Monday, November 11, 2019

It's Snow Time!!

It's the first snow real snow fall in MI today...a bit too early for me!'s never too early to pull out new products from Eyelet Outlet!
Our new Mr. & Mrs. Snowman Brads will keep you crafting through the colder months.
Our new large snowflakes, that come in two styles, are a favorite.
Plus, we have a new winter washi tape, Glitter Tall Tree,  that will add sparkle and glitz to your paper crafting projects. Who needs more of the small snow flake bling??

Thanks for sledding by today!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up.
(I'm going to have to dig out some hats and boots now.)