Thursday, February 28, 2019

Under the Weather

So far my husband and I have made it through cold and flu season without getting sick, but I know some have not been so lucky, so for those of you who may be suffering this week, I've made you a get well card!

This cute little girl is from the Cricut's "Enjoy the Seasons" image set.  Today I've substituted the original cloud from the set with a couple of Eyelet Outlet Cloud Brads.  

The images on this set are all designed with layers to be assembled with foam dimensionals which are easier to see in this photo.  I love the dimension they add to the card along with the fabulous teardrop bling from Eyelet Outlet.  These come in clear, pearl and of course this lovely blue which makes great rain!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

No Prob-LLAMA!

As you know, I (Lauren) can never resist a diabolical pun in ANY language, so here's a Spanglish version featuring the unassailably awesome Eyelet Outlet Llama Brads and some fab new Llama Tape, as well:

I chose the colors for the rest of the card based on the adorable rainbow llamas on the tape. Of course the EO Llama Clear Stamp Set has some awesome llama-based sentiments, but this time I used a trusty alphabet set to make my own. I made the mats using a fun watercolory pink tape that isn't quiiiiiite in the shop yet, but of course any more or less solid color tape would work perfectly. For the label shape, I covered a small scrap of cardstock completely with neatly lined up strips of tape, then diecut as usual. For the card front, to keep the waste to a minimum, I lined a strip up against each side, and trimmed very neatly, so that I would have a nice square edge to place along the next side.

Once all my "parts" were ready, all I had to do was assemble the card. I stacked the mats, set the Llama Brad, and added a bow made from wrinkly seam binding. Et voila!

I hope this week will find you with NO prob-LLAMA that cannot be solved with a bit of pretty washi tape and a few adorable Eyelet Outlet Brads! ♥

has no prob-LLAMA
making puns in any language!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Hippo Get Well Card Kit

Hi, it's Kim from Katydid Cards and today I'm sharing the Hippo Get Well Card Kit, the second of three kits Eyelet Outlet will have available at trade shows.  If you missed last week's post, be sure to check it out.  This kit includes cards in three colors.  Here's a look at them:

A tutorial is provided with the kits, but here's a more in-depth explanation of how the cards go together, with step by step pictures.

Start by making the bed/card base:

Cover the white bed panels (headboard, footboard & 2 sides) with your favorite Washi Tape.

Fold the excess washi tape over the sides or trim with scissors. Take a moment to burnish the washi tape onto the panels using a bone folder or your thumb.  Set aside for now.

Attach base flap A to base B, making sure the A flap is underneath B. Be careful to line the score with the edge of the card.  This will ensure the card will lie flat for mailing.
                                                                                                       A                                                                      B

Attach bed panels to the bed frame/card base.  Here's a diagram as well as pictures for you to follow in placing the inside and outside panels.



Attach the arched strip to the top of the bed and attach Pearl Bling Strip to it. We used 29 pearls.

Attach the Get Well Soon heart to the footboard and outline it with Pearl Bling Strip. We used 48 pearls.  Note: Trim the strip as necessary to make sharp turns.

Fold the bed frame card base on all score lines and burnish them with a bone folder or your thumb.

Attach flap C to base D, making sure the flap is to the inside of the card being careful to line the score with the edge of the card.  You can refer to the diagram above for additional identification of the flaps.

After you’ve assembled the bed frame, fold it to the left and then to the right to make sure it lies flat.

Next, you'll assemble the hippo:

Place the black rectangle behind the hippo’s face so that it covers the eye and nose openings.

Attach the pink ears as shown in the image above.

Attach the Band-Aid Brad where desired.

Turn the hippo over and flatten the prongs with a flat-edged pen or something similar.

Insert the edge of the thermometer into the hippo’s mouth on the muzzle. Apply adhesive under the thermometer to secure it.  Attach the round red dot to the end of the thermometer. The example also shows that I added small black lines with a black pen.

Attach the muzzle to the hippo’s body, lining up the nostrils.

Attach the Teddy Bear Brad to the hippo’s body then attach the hippo to insert #2

Assemble the feet, attaching the gray over the black oval.  Next, attach the 5 mm Black Pearl Bling over each toe opening

Attach the feet to insert #1

Now let’s tuck the hippo in bed:

Fold the flaps of insert #1 forward and apply adhesive to the back of each flap.

Attach insert #1 to the inside of the bed frame up against the front and aligned with the top sides. Note: I suggest you test fit it without adhesive first just to discover the easiest way for you to attach it without getting adhesive where you don’t want it.

Fold the card to the left and then to the right as shown above to make sure it lies flat.

Fold the flaps of insert #2 forward and apply adhesive to the back of each flap and attach insert #2 up against the back of insert #1 and aligned with the top.  I failed to take pictures of attaching insert #2, but here's a shot of both inserts inside the bed.

Again, fold the card to the left and then to the right for one last check.

With your left-over Washi Tape, why not take a moment to decorate the envelope flap.

And I'll leave you with an individual picture of each card in the kit.  What color do you like best?

Next week, I'll share the final kit, so please come back and visit.

 Kim from Katydid Cards
Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy did!

Monday, February 25, 2019

After winter, comes spring!

After Winter comes Spring.
Eyelet Outlet has you covered year round with decorative brads,
wonderful washi tape...and bling of all sorts of sizes and shapes!

Hopefully, this is the last round of winter for those in the midwest.

In a week of so, we'll be headed into Spring!

Check out all of our spring brads which include ducks, chickens, rabbits and of course...
coordinating, colorful washi tape! 

A big thank you to Texas for the fun weekend. 
We are restocking and headed out to Pleasanton, CA next!

or shop online!

 Keep smiling!  
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Decorating Easter Eggs Is Fun!

Oh how I love Washi Tape - I know, I've said that before. But it is so much fun that I just have to say it again and again.  

Just look at these Easter Eggs:

They were made with Washi Tape!!!

I stuck strips of Washi onto heavyweight cardstock and then die cut them with an oval die. To give them some extra pizazz, I added pearls and bling. They were so easy to make, and did I mention fun? I do believe it could become addictive. 

I nestled the two decorated Easter eggs into some grass and added a sentiment. The bling on the sentiment is a little piece that I trimmed off of the bling on the lefthand egg. I couldn't waste it, it was too pretty!

And like I said, egg-decorating is addictive, 
so I made one for the inside of my card, too:

You'll find a WIDE variety of Washi Tape in the Eyelet Outlet Store, as well as bling and pearls to enhance the beauty of the Easter Eggs you're going to want to create!

Have fun! And come back again soon to see what else the design team has to share.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Wild About You!

Just because Valentine's Day has passed doesn't mean you can't give your honey a special card showing how you feel! In fact, I believe giving a sweet card out of the blue and for no particular reason is even more special!

Eyelet Outlet's Jungle Mix Brad set is awesome for your Zoo layouts (see one I did here), but they're also fun for use on cards!  As soon as I saw the new Safari Washi Tape, I knew I'd have to create something with it.  I'm always attracted to black and white color schemes with a pop of color!  Cricut just happened to have a similar tree as the one on the washi tape on their "Tree Silhouettes" image set, too! And this zebra print from Huckleberry Hearts Safari Animal Prints Digital Paper collection was a perfect pairing for my black and white color scheme.

If you're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, don't forget to come by the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo this weekend and see all the amazing Eyelet Outlet products in person!  You won't walk away empty handed!  😉

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Drop Me a Line

Diabolical Pun Warning Level: Very High 

I'm not fishing for compliments......but I (Lauren) really (reely!) love the Eyelet Outlet Fishing Lure Brads, so I made a card to celebrate:

In the spirit of full disclosure: I have not gone fishing since I was a child, and even then, it was not a 100% voluntary experience, lol; especially the part that involved touching worms (*shudder*) or fish! But these lures are so pretty and so colorful I was hooked(Ok, sorry, but once you start on fishing puns, it's hard to stop.) I have no idea if, in real life, one would use more than one lure on a line, but design-wise, I liked combining a few of them, so let's pretend this makes sense, k? I placed my sticker sentiment --I cannot possibly over-state the helpfulness of graph paper on these occasions-- and positioned my brads, but didn't set them. This let me sketch lightly, in pencil, a path for my two lines, before machine stitching. At the very end I added a bass (I'm pretty sure that's a bass, but I guess it could be a trout?) from the Trout and Bass set. 

You don't need to go back to school (geddit?) to learn some great ways to use the EO Fishing Lure,  and Fish Brads, just check out the blog each week to SEA what the design team is up to! :)

is slightly ashamed at
how many diabolical fish puns
are in this post!