Sunday, May 16, 2021

Congrats on Your New Home by Janet


Hello Eyelet Outlet fans! Today I have a fun fold card that is dimensional and elegant. This is a card with three layers which give it a tunnel or shadow box appearance.

Although this card has a nice design and image, it would not seem done without all the terrific embellishments I used from Eyelet Outlet. On the front of the card, I've used the wonderfully graphic Coloring Book Butterfly brad set. I added Pearl Bling to enhance this card front as well.

This is what you see when you open it.

And when you open the next panel, you see the final panel. Here is where the Feline brad set unexpectedly surprises you. You aren't expecting these two cute kittens because your brain thinks it has seen the complete scene already. It's a lot of fun to use EO's embellishments to enhance and take your cards to the next level.
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Happy Creating Everyone!

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Chameleon says thank you!

Hello, Eyelet Outlet fans! I hope you've had a great week! Leslie here sharing an adorable clean and simple thank you card! What better way to say 'thank you' than with a super cute chameleon?! This card features a little guy (or gal, lol) from one of the newer brad collections in the store which I paired with some awesome skinny washi tape and my favorite enamel dots!

The top-folding card base is a standard A2 size cut from Neenah Classic Linen Solar White 100# cardstock which I embellished with a strip of patterned paper and a strip of Skinny Gold Washi Tape adhered to a skinny strip of white cardstock. I did this because there are no layers to tuck the ends of the washi tape behind and I wanted the ends to look clean. The star of the show is a cute little chameleon from the Reptile Brads pack sitting on a stamped and die cut limb with a small cluster of leaves. I stamped the sentiment in teal ink in the lower left corner and added some Green Enamel Dots to complete the front. 

The inside panel was cut from Neenah Classic Crest 80# Solar White cardstock and embellished with strips of patterned paper and strips of Skinny Gold Washi Tape, and the sentiment stamped in teal ink.

Thanks so much for stopping by today - we'll see you next time!

Leslie from Love To Scrap 2

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thinking of You Shaker Card

I've really been on a shaker card kick lately and I loved making this butterfly shaker.  I used my Cricut to cut the window for this card and filled the window with lovely a blue and yellow round sequins combination from Eyelet Outlet.  They carry sequins in so many colors and shapes!  

I also added a bit of Eyelet Outlet's gold glitter washi tape to the butterfly's body which I also cut with my Cricut. The pretty yellow flowers are from Eyelet Outlet's newest release and the package contains yellow, pink, and purple.  

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all of Eyelet Outlet's newly released brads today!


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Another Pun... but in FRENCH!

I (Lauren) can never resist a diabolical pun in ANY language, thus when I got my hands on the lovely new Colored Daisy Brads from Eyelet Outlet, my first thought was to make a card with the sentiment "Merci Bouquet". So here it is:

I had envisioned this design as having several additional EO Brad styles and maybe some washi tape, as well; but in the end, the Colored Daisy Brads completely resisted taking a co-star role and demanded to have the entire card to themselves! But in future, I can see mixing in other Flower BradsButterfly or Mini Butterfly BradsMini Ladybug or Bee Brads... maybe even some Rabbits, provided they've already eaten lunch. Do scroll around the EO Blog and be sure to check out the Gallery at the EO Store, to see how the other amazing design team members are using Colored Daisies and the rest of the new brad styles in their beautiful creations!

is sadly allergic to 
flowers in real life.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Precious and Few


I love how the green Swirl Bling makes a great floral background for the new Colored Daisy Brads from Eyelet Outlet!

Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up


Sunday, May 9, 2021

Dog Gone Good!


Hello EO fans! Today I'm here to show off the newest dog related brad set, Kennel Mix. This includes a dog bowl, super cute bone and a mini dog house. Just love this set as I have lots of dog related stamp sets and stickers I can use this set with.

Today, I tried my hand at water coloring a Boxer from a stamp set from Jessica Lynn Originals called Flynn's Puppies. I'm learning and trying new things and it's not the best painting job by any means but each time I use watercolor, I do a little bit better. 

While I love to use enamel dots, I do find that in certain scenes and themes, the matt finish enamel brads are so good. I love shine more than most but sometimes matt is the way to go. These come in many colors but I often find black or white are my go to colors in the matt finish. They look good on so many things. 


Saturday, May 8, 2021

What's better than fur baby love?!

Hello, Eyelet Outlet fans! I hope you've had a great week! Leslie here sharing a fun 'love you just because' card created with some new brads in the store along with several others that have been around for a while and some cool washi tape! There's only one thing better than fur baby love, and this was such a fun card to create!

I cut a standard A2 size side-folding card base and layering panel from white cardstock along with a slightly larger layering panel from green cardstock. I applied two strips of Grass Washi Tape to the bottom of the white layering panel and then the fun of building the scene began. ;) I affixed a Dog Brad in the center left of the grassy area, and then his house in the background along with his bone and bowl in the foreground, all from the new Kennel Mix Brads. I added two Summer Tree Brads in the background and stamped the sentiment in black ink. I added Sun & Cloud Brads and adhered the panel to the green cardstock layer.

I embellished the inside panel with strips of green cardstock and a 
Paw Brad, stamped the sentiment, and layered the panel on the green cardstock. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today - we'll see you next time!

Leslie from Love To Scrap 2

Friday, May 7, 2021

Ruff Day?

I enjoy sending cards to others to show love and care and friendship.
Eyelet Outlet's new Kennel Mix set is great for all those punny dog sayings!

We have washi tape for any occasion too!

Keep smiling!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up


Thursday, May 6, 2021

Loads of Love

My grandson loves trucks so when it came time to make his birthday card, I reached for my Eyelet Outlet Truck Brads!  There's 3 construction themed trucks in the set - a cement truck, a front end loader, and a dump truck.

I went with a box card since it had been a while since I made one of these. I used images from the Cricut image library to fill the box. I used a couple of Eyelet Outlet enamel hearts in yellow and black to fill the dump truck brads on the front flap and the cement truck and front end loader on the other two flaps.  

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Comma, Comma, Comma, Comma, Comma...

CHAMELEON!!! I (Lauren) am leading off with the sentiment from my second card, just in case it doesn't kick in right away. Today's post is a blizzard of lizards, thanks to the adorable new Eyelet Outlet Reptile Brads!

When I heard we'd be getting a brad set that featured chameleons and geckos, the very first phrase I thought of was, "Leapin' Lizards"! I'm not sure why, exactly... I don't think I've ever uttered those words before; but it struck me as both funny and useful, so I wrote it down in my little book of ideas. I used alphabet stickers to create the words on this card, but I'll also put a little jpg word art below, in case anyone would like to right-click and save it. Three blended circles of Oxide ink and some leafy diecuts finish off my design.

I can't take credit for the Culture Club inspired sentiment, it's yet another case of my seeing a silly t-shirt and stealing the phrase right off it! I used the five largest commas I could find in my collection of chipboard alphabets and one handsome chameleon. The original shirt design didn't have additional info beneath the word art, but I discovered in a casual poll of friends that by saying, "sing it" they got the joke faster; so I thought I'd put those instructions right on the card. I made a mat of Circle Washi Tape, because it had all the right colors and added a fun sense of movement.

Here's the word art, you can right-click and save, then print it at any size you'd like. This will also be on the Freebies page! 

Be sure to visit the Eyelet Outlet Blog often, as the design team are having a lot of fun with all the new brads: in addition to the Reptiles we've got a fun new Kennel MixColored Daisy BradsTropical Birds and Felines; there's definitely something for everybody!

can never resist a 
diabolical pun! 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Ahoy Matey! by Janet


Hello my fine feathered friends! Have you checked out the new brad sets in the store lately? I used the Tropical Bird set on this square card to embellish a 3D pirate sticker I picked up at the Dollar Tree. 

I combined other nautical themed brads to take this card to the next level. In addition to brads, I used the wide Sea Washi tape in the background and Copper washi tape as a border.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Crazy birds hang together!

Hello, Eyelet Outlet fans! I hope you've had a great week! Leslie here sharing a fun friendship card created with some new brads in the store along with amazing washi tape and enamel dots! This was definitely a fun one! Gotta love a wacky sense of humor! ;)

I cut a standard A2 size top-folding landscape card base and layering panel from white cardstock along with a slightly larger layering panel from dark teal cardstock. I adhered a strip of tropical leaf paper to the right side along with a narrow strip of teal cardstock and added a strip of Silver Skinny Washi Tape. I stamped the sentiments in teal ink and added an assortment of stamped and die cut tropical leaves. I added two Tropical Bird Brads and three Green Enamel Dots, and adhered the panel to the card base.

I embellished the inside panel with a strip of the tropical leaf paper and dark teal cardstock, stamped the sentiment and layered the panel on the dark teal cardstock. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today - we'll see you next time!

Leslie from Love To Scrap 2

Thursday, April 29, 2021


Late last year I decided it was time for me to really buckle down and get more fit.  I started swimming at the YMCA 3 times a week and making healthier choices in my diet.  So far I've lot 25 pounds!  Someone I love very much was inspired by my progress, so I made her this card with the Toucan in Eyelet Outlet's new Tropical Birds set.

She loved it and I hope you do, too!  Happy Thursday, crafters!


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wrapping Up the Alphabet

It's the fourth and final section of my (Lauren'sAlphabetical Brad Minibook, comprising the letters Q through Z,  and featuring lots more awesome Eyelet Outlet Brads.

Throughout the project, in order to have enough brads to cover the entire alphabet, I've occasionally gotten creative with my names, and sometimes doubled up on letters. For example, the first card in this section covers both Q and R, with "Quacker" represented by our Duck Brads; for "Queen" I've got a Tiara from the Crown and Tiara set; Thread Brad and a Scissor Brad stand in for "Quilting"; the Rainbow is from the Unicorn and Rainbow set; the ring is from our Wedding Brads; and the Rooster Brad speaks for himself.

For the letter S we have: the Sun from Sun and Cloud Brads; Colorful Sunglass Brads, a Sloth from the Sloth and Koala set; a pair of handsome Scarecrows and a Strawberry Brad, which, alas, is now out of print.

The letter T has some good ones: I don't feel like I use our Tractor Brads enough, so it was fun to work one in; same deal for the Typewriter that's in our Typewriter and Hand set; a Tee Shirt from the Jeans and Tee Shirt set; the "Toast" is actually the champagne glasses from our Wedding Brads; and finally some Toilet Paper from the new Toilet Paper and Tissue Brads.

U and V have teamed up together, with: "Utensils" which are technically called Silverware Brads; the umbrella is actually a Beach Umbrella; but the Unicorn Brad is pretty straightforward. Two Heart Brads are masquerading as "Valentines"; the Vacuum Brad is self explanatory; and the "Valise" is from our Travel Brads set.

Surprisingly there are LOTS of great W brads, including: "Words" which are from the Superhero Sayings Brads; a Water Bottle from the Sneaker and Water Bottle BradsWitch Hats and Witch Legs are each called that, respectively; Waffles come from the Chicken and Waffles set; and the Water Lily is from the Frog Set.

The last card is a triple play, with X, Y and Z all sneaking in! The "X-ray" is a Skull Brad; the "Xmas Tree" is a Pine Tree Brad; the "Yolk" hails from the Bacon, Egg and Toast set; a Yoga Cats always make me smile and they're on sale; Zebra is one third of the Lion, Tiger, Zebra Set and "Zinfandel" is my take on our Wine Brads.

And finally, one last shot of all the ATC-sized pages on their book ring, with the entire alphabet complete:

To see the rest of the pages, click this link and all of the ABC Brad Book posts will load.

loves making tiny books!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Monday, April 26, 2021

2021 Tradeshow Schedule

 We want to make the most of these events...come join in the fun with Eyelet Outlet!

New designs in brads and washi.

Lots of inspirational projects to get your mojo moving. We hope to see you very soon in 2021!

(Links listed in the right column on the blog.)

2021 Trade Shows

Lakeland FL in JUNE!!! Who is joining us??

 Hey, Eyelet Outlet Fans in Florida!
If you are missing the Orlando show, come to Lakeland, FL on June 4th and 5th, 20201. We've got new decorative'll want to stock up on bling and washi tape too!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sending Well Wishes by Janet


Hi EO fans! Today I'm featuring two of our new sets for 2021. They are the Feline and the Colored Daisy Sets. There are two cats in different poses. The daisies come in two style and three colors: hot pink, yellow and coral. What I love is that these are perfect to pose in many scenes. Case in point, they work perfectly in this grassy scene. 

The card style I used today is a shadow box slimline card. The thing I have grown to love about slimline cards is that there is much more real estate to build a scene with. A few simple cuts in a shadowbox card suddenly creates all kinds of opportunities to tell a story. 

Below is a little closer look. Notice how the cats are perfectly proportioned to the bird house and fence. Look for these kinds of opportunities in your stash to add our brads to. It's a nice way to add color, texture and definitely more interest than you can get with stamps or die cuts.

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Happy Creating Everyone!

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