Sunday, December 31, 2023

Janet's Top 5 Cards of 2023

 It's been quite a year at the Eyelet Outlet blog. We've had some great projects over the year. As is always fitting, the team is taking a look back and showing us their five favorite cards and projects of 2023. I've picked mine but it's always hard to look through over 50 projects and choose your favorites. If you would like to be reminded of how to make these or if you wonder what products were EO's, just clink on the post links and it'll take you to the original posts. So - without further delay, here are my top five choices!

Whisking You a Happy Birthday! I love interactive and dimensional cards. This one has so many fun EO kitchen brads and I loved the colors on this one too. You can find the details HERE.

You're Palmtastic! The tropics are always a great theme and EO has so many possibilities for tropical and beachy cards. My favorite thing about this card is the Toucan taking a breather on the palm tree branches! The link to this post can be found HERE.

A Pineapple A Day Keeps Your Worry Away! This is one of my favorites because it's so cheery and bright and you can't hardly not smile when you see that pineapple with his green shades! The link to this post is HERE.

Holiday Gnome Baker! I love me some cookies and gnomes and this card puts them together. A perfect combo! He's so cute with this wooden spoon and gingerbread girl cookie brads. You can find this post HERE.

Go Vegan for Thanksgiving! This one makes me laugh and I love all the fall leaves, sunflowers, pumpkins, squirrel and acorn brads used on this one together. The post can be found HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today. Be sure to be back each day this week as our Design Team shows off their favorite five cards of the year. We'll be back again with new project next starting January 7th. Happy 2024 everyone!

Please visit the store for all your brads, washi tape, bling and paper flowers!

Happy Creating!

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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Winter Wonderland Town Gift Box

So, Christmas is over, but the holiday cheer is still flowing! I’m ready for some SNOW!!! For this week's creation for Eyelet Outlet, I wanted to make something extra special that can be used anytime of the year. I made this with winter and snow in mind.


As you can see, it is an adorable gift box with a beautiful candy cane and snowflake embossed paper ribbon on top. The front of the box is adorned with three white snowflake brads that match perfectly to the paper I used to make the box.

Once you lift off the lid of the present, two of the sides fall down to reveal a serene 3-D Winter Wonderland Town that awaits you inside.


One side of the box has a beautiful sentiment accented by four large clear bumpy jewel bling

The other side has a pocket that has a blank embossed square of paper to write your special message.

If you look through the wintery trees in the forest, you will see a cozy cabin surrounded by snowdrifts. The roof has a wreath brad on top where I added some red jewel bling to look like holly berries.


It wouldn’t be a Winter Wonderland Town if it wasn’t snowing. The snowflakes are the clear jewel bling mixed with several of the white glitter enamel dots.

When it snows, you MUST make a snowman so our Winter Wonderland town has its very own snowman brad that welcomes all guests that come to visit.


The Winter Wonderland town holds another special surprise!  Turn off the lights and our cozy cabin is all lit up!!

This Winter Wonderland town gift box was so fun to make, and it is so versatile. I can make it for any season, any occasion, any event, and I know that Eyelet outlet will always have all the extra embellishments I will need to make it extra special.


Have a wonderful week and always be STRATE-UP CRAFTY!


Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Eyelet Outlet Glitter Tape and Winter Wildlife Brads are not JUST for Christmas, this is the perfect time to employ them for post-holiday thank you cards! The mama and baby Polar Bear Brads are right at the edge of the wide Glitter Tall Trees Tape, framed up by Glitter Gold Tape. The handsome Deer has paused near a Snowy Tree Brad in front of some gorgeous Glitter Winter Tape (like the Tall Trees Tape it's 1.25" wide... perfect for scenes!) framed by Glitter Blue.

Whether you need to make fast Thank You cards or just get moving on winter birthdays and Valentines, the Eyelet Outlet Online Store has all the embellishments you could wish for!

occasionally sees a deer in her yard; 
and is quite glad to never see polar bears there!

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Snowflakes and Winter Wishes!

I created a wintery inspired card that could be used as a holiday thank you or winter birthday! 

I started with stamping a cute polar bear and adding some white fuzz, light chalking, and prisma glitter. I layered on a wintery blue cardstock, I layered with sparkle white glitter washi tape and place on top of more blue cardstock with stamped blue snowflakes. Lastly, I embellished with jewel bling, white snowflake brads, and one snowflake bling.

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Monday, December 25, 2023

Naughty Christmas Cat


Yes it is Christmas day and this cat (from Tim Holtz) is
wondering if he is getting any gifts. I think he must have been
naughty this year.

This was lots of fun to make and I added several cute
holiday embellishments from Eyelet Outlet. The corners
have a bit of holly brads and the stockings are
great holiday brads too. Finally, I added some
 "Merry Christmas" washi tape from Eyelet Outlet.

Here is your Eyelet Outlet Shopping List.
Holly Brads

Keep crafting and have a great holiday!

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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Money Roll Gift

Hello and Merry Christmas Eve! If you're like most of us, you are wrapping those last gifts. I'm with you! My son is the age when cash is king but I can't stand just to put it in a boring card or typical money card. I made a money roll with a gift bag and made it fabulous with many EO products. I am sure my son will really enjoy this gift and the entertainment of unrolling the money to see how much it is.

If you're not sure what a money roll is, it's a mini box with a slit in the top which allows you to insert a roll of cash. I connected the bills with Snow Flake Washi Tape. This allowed me to connect the money but not worry about it tearing the bills when my son takes it apart after opening.

Once connected, I rolled the money strip up and inserted into a little box that sits inside the bag. Pull on the label and the money will unroll. Super fun!

 Once I made the gift bag, I decorated it with Red Strip Bling, Santa and Deer Brads, Snowy Tree Brads, Snowflake Bling and three washi tapes: Sparkle White Glitter, Pine Tree, and Snow Flake. I love how this project turned out.


 hope you enjoyed my card and I thank you for stopping by today. Please visit the store for all your brads, washi tape, bling and paper flowers!

Happy Creating Everyone!

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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Cutest Little Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card

Let’s start off on the front of the card. The red base is embossed in little polka dots with two die cut scalloped-edged cut outs which was the perfect place for the Happy Holidays chipboard sentiment. The cute Christmas tree is embellished with multiple Cut Jewel Bling in red, clear, green, purple, orange, blue and champagne. I also used Red Swirl Bling to add more shine and movement to the card. You will also notice clear Jewel Bling on the front as well.


Once you open the card, you will see the most festive 3D Christmas tree that pops up right from the middle of the card. The adorable Christmas tree is dazzled with multiple sizes of Jewel Bling in red, light blue, orange, green and purple. They look like little Christmas bulbs when the light shines on them!  The Christmas tree skirt has Black Bling highlighting its edges.

I used of farmhouse style ribbon in black and white with a Large Black Bumpy Bling in the center of each hand tied bow.  Unfortunately, I think the black bumpy bling sold out when I was making this so I attached a link to the clear bumpy bling which would be just as pretty!

 The Merry Christmas sentiment is bejeweled with Green Jewel Bling. And to top off the card on the left-hand side, I added some beautiful Black Swirl Bling to add extra light and movement. You all have awesome taste because it looks as though the Black Swirl Bling is sold out, as well.  I linked to the Green Swirl Bling as that was my second choice when making this card.  It will look beautiful!

As you can see, using Eyelet Outlets bling’s will always make any card sparkle, shine, and glitter. Make sure you always have enough bling on hand to spruce up any card you are sending. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's card, and I cannot wait for you to see next weeks project.

Have a wonderful week and always be STRATE-UP CRAFTY!


Thursday, December 21, 2023

Vintage ChristmasI

I just loved this vintage sled when I saw it!  Without discussing my age -- I had one just like it as a child!

The vintage photo is one I found on line, but it reminds me of old family photos of my brothers and cousins ice skating on the pond at my grandparent's farm long, long ago.  This card was the perfect chance to embellish with a pair of Eyelet Outlet ice skate brads.  I added a little twine near the top to make it seem that they were hanging on the sled.  I also added a holly brad to the sled and a few lovely snowflake brads.  

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas from all of us at Eyelet Outlet.


Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Oh Christmas Tees!

This festive trio of holiday t-shirt cards is one of the fastest projects of the year, thanks to a colorful selection of Eyelet Outlet holiday themed brads and tapes. From top to bottom: A Gift Brad atop Santa Washi; a Candy Cane over Gingerbread Tape; a Santa Hat on Ho Ho Ho Washi; a green Peppermint Candy bedecks vertical Red Tree Tape; Santa himself (from our Santa and Mrs. Claus set) brightens up some Brick Washi; a Pine Tree atop Santa Hat Tape; the sweet vintage-inspired deer from our Santa and Deer set is on Holly Jolly Washi; a Snowy Tree adorns Winter Character Tape and finally Santa from the Santa and Deer set over Tree Washi. The backing panels are made of extra-wide Wood Tape, Music Note Washi and Brick Tape, set against super-sparkly Glitter Red Tape.

No matter what combination of Eyelet Outlet brads and tapes you choose, they are sure to add up to the happiest holiday cards of the season!

wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Reindeer Food!

When my children were younger, they enjoyed spreading "reindeer food" in our yard on Christmas Eve night! I have made little reindeer food bags to give to children for the last couple years! It is fun! 

Measure your clear resealable bags and create a bag topper to go over the top edge. I decorated my fun bag topper with a cute stamped reindeer that I colored in and added some bling to his bow for sparkle! I cut and pasted the poem and embellished with brads and washi tape! Lastly, fill your bag with bird seed and a little glitter! I hope you enjoy! It is a fun treat for children of all ages!

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Monday, December 18, 2023



Who doesn't love a decorated gingerbread fresh from the oven.
This card represents the sweet side of the holidays with these
cute gingerbread brads from the Eyelet Outlet. The 
packet comes with both girl and boy gingerbreads.

The scene was framed in silver glitter washi tape.
Also included were clear gems and a poinsettia brad
on the cook's apron.

Your Eyelet Outlet Shopping List
Gingerbread Brads
Poinsettia Brads
Skinny Glitter Washi Tape
Jewel Bling Clear

I will see you next Monday and keep Creating.

Elizabeth - Blog

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Jingle Bells!

 Can you hear the bells ringing yet? It's almost Christmas and today I'm celebrating with a card that celebrates many iconic Christmas icons. The great news is that there's so much to choose from at Eyelet Outlet! 

On my card I've included bell brads hanging from the sentiment. At the bottom of the card, Santa & Mrs. Claus brads are surrounded with Snow Tree Brads. On top, I've added a Sleigh Brad and a deer from the Santa & Deer Brads. The red background couldn't be simpler since it was created with strips of Ho Ho Let It Snow Washi Tape. Yes, indeed! Christmas is coming!


I hope you enjoyed my card and I thank you for stopping by today. Please visit the store for all your brads, washi tape, bling and paper flowers!

Happy Creating Everyone!

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Saturday, December 16, 2023

Merry Christmas Trees

Christmas is right around the corner so we are featuring a fun and festive card that has a handmade Merry Christmas sign that will put anyone into the holiday spirit.

I started off by using two Christmas different Christmas themed washi tapes from Eyelet Outlet.  The top portion is made from the Tree Washi tape and the bottom portion is made from the Vertical Tree Washi tape  that was embossed with a holly berry pattern.

Each section was highlighted with cut strips of the Gold Washi tape.

The center section features five glittery Christmas colored brads with a hanging “Merry Christmas” sign.  The sign was made from Green Glitter Washi tape, the Merry Christmas Washi tape and book cased by two Holly Brads.   The sign is hanging by some brown yarn.


This was a fun and quick card to make. You don’t need much to make something special.

Give it a try!



Have a wonderful week and always be STRATE-UP CRAFTY!