Monday, January 30, 2017

Wait... *MORE* Than Yarn??!

I suppose by now everyone knows how much I (Lauren) love paper, brads and washi tape, but something you may not realize is that I also love yarn... quite a bit, actually. So I was pretty excited when I discovered Eyelet Outlet Knitting Brads!

Each packet has a mix of knitting needles and balls of yarn in three luscious colors. The aqua ones are a perfect match for the Blue Dot Washi Tape I've used to frame up the card. It's possible this little kitty loves them as much as I do. Which explains the Heart Brads scattered among the swirly embroidery floss I've used to play the part of unravelling yarn, lol. 

I hope today you'll find a little time to do something creative with the things that *YOU* love: whether that's yarn, or paint, or super-fun Eyelet Outlet embellishments!

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