Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dump Everything

Hi all.  It's Kim from Katydid Cards with you today!

I don't have children, so I've never hosted a children's birthday party.  But, boy, would I love to do that.  There are so many fun party invitation and decorating ideas out there these days, the sky is the limit.

When I saw these Truck Brads, I immediately thought of making a party invitation.  And the Caution Washi Tape, Jewel Bling and Clear Bumpy Bling worked perfectly with the brads.

To create the card base, I modified a cut file I purchased at the Silhouette Store.  The original version was actually a 3D street sign.  The greeting plays off the three dump trucks all in a row.  This brad pack also includes a Cement Mixer and a Front End Loader...perfect for any construction themed project.

The caution not only adds a little accent, it also provides support for the card.  I cut a piece of cardstock and attached the washi tape to both the front and the back.

I filled the hazard light with Clear Bump Bling, colored with a Copic marker.  There was enough room around the perimeter to circle it with jewel bling.

When you open the card, there's just enough room for all the invitation specifics.

I had fun making this and came up with all sorts of ideas for party favors and decorations to go with it.  Now, I just need to find a little boy who loves trucks and has a birthday coming up, lol.
Though it doesn't include trucks, here's another card brought to life with bling and washi tape.

Kim from Katydid Cards
Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy did!

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