Saturday, August 25, 2018

A Hearty Breakfast on an Egg-cellent Day

Who says a person needs designer paper? Instead, create your own paper designs using Washi Tape... and there's no better place to get Washi Tape than at Eyelet Outlet. There is such a wide variety of designs to choose from - and the price is amazing! Just check it out - HERE.

I actually used 3 different styles of Washi Tape for this card - Brick (for my wall), Silverware (because who can eat eggs without a fork, right?) and Skinny Stripes to ground everything.

The Have an egg-cellent day sentiment is from the Eyelet Outlet Breakfast clear stamp set.

There's a hearty breakfast on my card, too, featuring these Eyelet Outlet Brads:

I used the Stamp Set and some of the Washi Tape
 to decorate the inside of my card:

Now... let's all have an egg-cellent day!
Do you know what makes any day excellent?

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