Thursday, July 18, 2019

Fly Me To The Moon

July 20, 1969.  Do you remember where you were? I do!  I was a child watching on our old black and white TV as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left man's footprints on the surface of the moon!  In honor of that 50th anniversary this month, I thought I'd bring you a few lunar themed cards today. 

First up is an inspirational card perfect for when someone you love is facing a challenging time. 

Supplies Used:  

Cricut Earth Day Icons Image Set:  Earth
Cricut Out of this World Printables Image Set:  Moon Surface
Cricut Groovy Times Image Set:  Rocket

This one is a little re-make of a card I made a few years ago, but always one of my favorites.

Supplies Used:

Cricut Trendy T-Shirts Image Set:  Astronaut 
Cricut Baby on Board Image Set:  Sentiment
Cricut Earth Day Icons:  Earth

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