Monday, June 8, 2015

Welcome Back Annette!

Hello Eyelet Outlet fans! Annette here with a couple of cards for dear ole dad. I took a brief hiatus from designing to focus on my family. I'm glad to be back refreshed and ready to create designs that hopefully inspire you. 

 Although this was not intentional, both of my cards have an underwater theme.

 The first card was created with some clever masking and multiple brads, including: Anchor Brads - Red, White and Blue Fish Brads Shell Shore Brads Shell Corner Brads

When I was little, I used to think my dad could do anything. He fixed things around the house. He worked on cars. He mowed the lawn, and he was the breadwinner in the household. I think many children look to their fathers with that kind of admiration, which is the inspiration behind this next card.

Mr. Octopus is a Jack of All Trades. He can cook, type, play baseball, play with pinwheels and hammer nails all while looking quite dapper! Featured brads incude: Eye Glass Brads Mustache Brads Mens Hats Brads Ball Brads Tools Brads Baking Brads Pinwheel Brads Shell Shore Brads Dads love homemade cards. 

I hope I've given you some great ideas so you can create a unique card for your dad!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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