Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Washi Tape Jar

Since I've been designing with all of the great Eyelet Outlet products, I've found myself viewing the world a bit differently ... thinking, *What can I cover with Washi Tape?* ... seriously, there are so many possibilities.

When I saw this glass canning jar, I thought it would be perfect to cover ... and I chose the gorgeous new Wide Stained Glass Washi Tape.

This tape is perfect for this technique, because the square elements make it easy to tear the same length of tape each time ... for my project, I started with pieces that were 4 squares long.

I attached them at various angles to achieve coverage with minimal overlap.  I used my Teflon Bone Folder to make sure the tape adhered at the ends and edges.

When I had most of the area covered, I went back with smaller pieces of tape to fill in any open spots. 

Then I used the tape to cover the top of my lid.

After the lid was covered, I just trimmed around the edges.  Here's the finished product.

To give it a more finished look, I used Skinny Blue Glitter Washi Tape along the top of the jar and the Thin Blue Glitter Tape long the bottom.  Since Glitter Tape doesn't like to stick to itself, I used a small glue dot at the end of the wrap to hold it securely.

I think I'll fill it with some rolls of Washi Tape and crafty goodies and give it as a gift.

Is there anything in your world that would look better covered in Washi Tape?  

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  1. Great idea - especially storage in the craft room. Takes boring, plain containers to fun and colorful!!

  2. Super idea for the washi tape, nice job looks really cool.

  3. The Washi Tape Queen strikes again!!!!! LOL! Love it as usual!!

  4. What a great way to use washi! What can't you do with it is what I want to know!