Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Peace, Love, Joy... and Caffeine!

Ok yes, I (Lauren) suppose that the first Wednesday of October is an odd time to post holiday cards, but for one thing: the 60 days between now and December first will go much faster than any other two month period of the year; and, for another thing: we've got some really cool new Holiday Coffee Cup Brads in the Eyelet Outlet Store and I couldn't wait to use them!

These are some of the fastest and easiest cards I've made all year, and if I mass-produced holiday cards, this might well be the design I'd choose! I stamped the sentiment on patterned paper with a GRAPH design, so I didn't even have to measure, lol! I colored the letters with red and green brush markers, affixed all three styles of Holiday Coffee Cup, plus a couple of Holly Brads, then matted the whole thing on a piece of argyle patterned paper I made myself, by neatly lining up strips of Christmas Pattern Washi Tape on some plain white cardstock. I loved the landscape version so much I decided to try portrait mode, as well. I grabbed two more coffee cups, a holly brad and this time made the mat from Poinsettia Tape. Easy, peasy! 

Is it just me, or would this be an excellent time for a delicious hot drink? Pass the Holiday Coffee Cups, please! :)

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