Friday, December 6, 2019

Sparkle and Shine

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Today's card is entitled "Sparkle and Shine".  If you have a friend or loved one who loves a little sparkle and shine then this birthday card is perfect.

The card features Eyelet Outlet's Glitter Star Washi tape, Jewel Bling Strips, and a White Paper Flower.  The Glitter Star Washi Tape can be used in many ways, however, in this example strips of the washi tape are laid one above the other to cover the entire card.  The sticky-backed Jewel Bling Strips are placed at the seams of the washi tape and the White Paper Flower is in four layers accented with individual jewel bling pieces cut from the strip of bling.

The picture above doesn't fully show the beauty of the washi as it also has a fine glitter that provides the sparkle (see below).  The color combination reminds me of an aurora borealis sky (another card idea) and is complimented so nicely by the bling strips.

The card goes together quickly, however, there's two tips to consider:
* because of the micro glitter on the washi surface, a 'dab' of glue on the beginning and ending of the bling strips is required; and
* use a ruler to lay down a straight line of jewel bling strips.

The Eyelet Outlet materials used include:
Glitter Star Washi Tape
Jewel Bling Strips
White Paper Flower

Happy Crafting!

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