Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A Very Washi Xmas

I (Lauren) love tape. I love wide tape and skinny tape, glitter tape and foil tape; but my favorite thing about tape is that all you need to do to make a fast, fabulous and completely custom holiday card (or two lol!) is combine a few of your favorite styles and maybe add an Eyelet Outlet Brad or some bling and you are DONE! ♥

This week I am crushing on the new wide Santa Washi Tape which comes in two colorways. My first card features what I'd call the default style, with a sort of winter sunset background. I flanked it with Skinny Star Tape and Blue Marble Tape, then added a bunch of fancy new Snowflake Bling. The sentiment is a single repeat from our Merry Christmas Tape, trimmed into a little flag and matted on a scrap of red cardstock.

We also have Santa Washi in Green, the green being a reference to the pistachio background behind The Big Guy. In this version, I built a sort of chimney from wide Brick Washi, and let Santa emerge from the top of it. I added a row of Poinsettia Brads for extra texture and once again my sentiment is a one specific section of Christmas Tape. You'll notice that both cards are built atop a simple graph design, which is partly because I like that sort of paper but also... if you're going to apply a bunch of washi tape and don't love measuring, a patterned paper with a strong straight horizontal line is *very* helpful! 

If you need to make a bunch of cards, but don't love "mass producing" why not gather up all your tapes and see how many uniquely beautiful backgrounds you can make?

loves washi tape.
(She may have already mentioned that!)

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