Saturday, July 2, 2016

Under the Strawberry Moon

Inspiration is such an interesting thing, don't you think? It can come from absolutely anywhere! For example, just over a month ago, I (Lauren) had never heard the expression "Strawberry Moon" (referring to a full moon in the month of June; traditionally thought to be the best time for picking strawberries) but as soon as I did, all I could think of was strawberry-themed papercrafting projects. Luckily I had nearly a whole package of luscious Eyelet Outlet Strawberry Brads to help me out!

I made a card first, mostly because I thought of a fun/punny sentiment, and I can never resist those, lol. 

I scattered Strawberry Brads and strawberry flowers --made from the smallest White Paper Flower Layers with Yellow Oval Bling centers-- in a cascade down the front of the card, surrounding the sentiment, for which I combined die-cut letters and a few tiny alphabet stickers. 

Next I decorated a little cardstock box with more White Paper Flower Layers held on with a Strawberry Brad. Gift-wrapping is probably my favorite "alternate" use for crafting supplies; because really, we all secretly want to receive a very fancy package now and then, don't we?

Were you inspired by the Strawberry Moon, as well? If so, I'd love to see what you made, leave me a link in the comments! ♥

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