Friday, July 29, 2016

Birthday Envelopes!

When you are older...and it is your birthday,
you might get gift cards instead of actual birthday gifts.
So..jazz up the little piece of plastic with a fun envelope card!

(At least this is what happened to my husband earlier this week!)

With plenty of room to decorate,
you have a pocket to place a small note card and the gift card.
Simple take an A2 envelope and seal it up. Slice off about 1.25 - 2 inches. 
Use your paper crimper to crimp the bottom portion. The, like magic...
the part you sliced off becomes the "lid."

Supplies from the Eyelet Outlet:

Supplies from the Eyelet Outlet:

I bet these would look great for Christmas too!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
My bday is NEXT WEEK!

Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up

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