Saturday, August 20, 2016

Paris, Je T'aime

Show of hands, Eyelet Outlet fans: How many of you have been to Paris? Sadly, I (Lauren) haven't... yet. In the meantime, I settle for making cards with a Parisian theme. Luckily I have plenty of Eiffel Tower Brads to help me.

I love that the packets contain both shiny silver Eiffel Towers and matte copper brown ones. The latter are great when you want to evoke more of an earthy or vintage feeling; I chose one for this card, since the premade "Bon Jour" tag was in shades of brown.

Any time my cards have a skyline or an outdoor setting I love to add Sun and Cloud Brads, they make a grouping of elements feel more like a little landscape or scene. Mini Butterfly Brads come in assorted packs with four different colors, I chose dark orange because they emphasized the red of the sentiment. To incorporate the tag into my overall card design I added some clouds punched from a vintage Paris guidebook on top of French sheet music to which I added a strip of Flowers with Cute Bug Washi for extra color.

Et voila, my card... and my post... are complete! Au revoir, mes amis! 

Je m'appelle Lauren.

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