Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Washi Tape Sunburst Technique

Good Morning everyone and welcome to Eyeletoutlet Blog spot Barry here to show you how to create a card using the sunburst technique with Eyelet Outlet glitter washi tape!
It is surprisingly simple so let’s begin:

Step 1:  Choose your washi tape, for my example I have used several different colors of glitter or pattern washi tape.

Step 2:  Cut 10 or 12 - 1” wide strips of scrap paper about 6” long that will make up the ‘beams’ of the sun (you can vary the width and length depending on your design).  My examples are 1” wide by 3” long as I cut them in half.

Step 3:  Adhere the washi tape in strips to cover the strips of the scrap paper. It will usually take two strips of washi tape to cover a 1” strip.

Step 4: Cut each strip diagonally from corner to corner, wider at one end and thinner or to a point at the other end.

Step 5:  Decide where you want your sun burst to “originate” or where you want all the points to meet.  For my example I choose to place it in the center portion of my card. 

Step 6:  Adhere the rays to the background cardstock or card front placing the points or thinnest portion of your strips at your determined originate point.  Let the strips hang off the edge of your paper and then trim the edges when you are finished with your design.

Step 7:  Use a stamped image or embellishment as your focal point where all the beams seem to originate from.  For added bling to my sentiment I added stripes of the Jewel bling strips in Champagne. Be creative and have fun!

Thank you for stopping by today to learn how you can make a very sparkly burst of color on your cards using the sunburst technique and lots of glitter washi tape! 

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  1. LOVE THIS ONE! Very cute with those bright colors. I need to give this a try.