Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mother's Day Easel Card

Hello everyone!  It's Kim from Katydid Cards with you today!

I had so much fun working with the Solid Color Paper Flowers for my last project, I decided to work with them again.  This time I used the Dark Purple.

I thought I'd take one more opportunity to share a Mother's Day card with you, allowing you sufficient time to purchase the items I used in my project if you've a mind to do so.  Today I'm featuring an easel card.

I used three shades of card stock to make the perfect backdrop for the Dark Purple flowers I used.

Before attaching my flowers, I sprayed them liberally with Shimmer Spritz.  It gives them a beautiful finish.  Here, let me show you.  I wish you could see how gorgeous they look in person:

I used the medium and small flowers and thought the perfect companion to that shimmery look of the flowers would be the White Glitter Enamel Dots.   I used the large and medium sizes for the middles of the flowers and the small dots on the cameo in the center:

The card props open on another set of flowers and inside is the greeting; created with the Times New Roman and Alex Brush fonts.

One final picture of the card, closed.  

That's it for me today!  Have a great day and thanks so much for visiting with me! 

Before I leave you, I wanted to share some exciting news.  Eyelet Outlet is having a contest on their FaceBook page! You can win two vouchers for free admission to an upcoming Stamp & Scrapbook Expo (excluding Somerset, NJ) just by picking your favorite newly released brad.  Good luck!

Who provided the inspiration for these cards?  Katy Did!


  1. Stunning card, beautiful colour. (my fav)

    1. Thanks, Barbara. It's not a color I work with often, but I can see why it's your favorite!

  2. Very elegant. Any mom would love this, especially with all the flowers.

  3. So pretty! What a lovely card!

  4. ok, i've decided all cameos should be lilac colored!!! thank you for pointing out that coral was just not nearly as cool! :) :) :)

    1. We won't tell anyone the only reason I used lilac is because I didn't have three soft pink card stocks. Let's just let people think I'm cool! ;-)

  5. Kim this is beautiful!!! I've never made an easel card but seeing ones like this always inspires me to give it a try. Love the purple (it's my favorite color). Thanks for the idea of spritzing our flowers😉