Thursday, April 20, 2017

You're My Anchor

I spent the entire winter - 13 weeks - in a wheelchair recuperating from a fractured hip. It was a difficult season of my life I will never forget, but I will also never forget the tremendous love and care I received from my wonderful husband.  He always had a way to keep my spirits up and truly was MY ANCHOR!

The staring brad in this card is of course, the Anchor Brad, which I threaded with a little twine and "sunk" it into the sand in the bottom of the sea.  The "sand" is actually sandpaper!

The fish swimming in my ocean are so life-like in their color and detail!  These are just one of the sets of fish brads available in Eyelet Outlet's Ocean Brads Collection.

In the sandy corners of my card are some of Eyelet Outlet's gorgeous shell brads and shell corner brads.

Products Used:

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  1. Susan this is beautiful!!! Love the whole scene and how you've used the brads and sand paper. Hope you are feeling much better these days and happy to hear you have such great support when needed ;O)

    1. Thanks so much! And thankfully I am doing better each day!

  2. Fabulous use of all those seaside brads, especially the anchor. Love this. I too am happy you are on the mend.

  3. I can't even imagine 13 weeks in a wheelchair! I'm so happy you're up an at 'em now and that you had such great support while recuperating. And now for your it! Great use of the brads and I love that cut top...and sand paper...who knew I would want to shop in the hardware department!

  4. Thanks so much! It was a mighty crazy 13 weeks in many ways. Glad it's behind me!

  5. Love this ocean scene! And omGoodness, what a winter! (in my before-I-became-a-mom life, I was a physical therapist, so I understand what a challenge that must've been!) So glad you're better! Thank God for our anchor people!

  6. ARGH!!! what a terrible winter! but how lovely to have such a wonderful carer! and this beautiful card is a great tribute! <3