Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sweet As Candy!

Everyone knows that Eyelet Outlet makes (as the name implies, lol) eyelets; by now I'm pretty sure the secret of the awesome brads and washi tape are out, too! But today I (Laurenhave a card that celebrates the newest member of the Eyelet Outlet family, our super-fun Enamel Dots and Shapes! The inspiration for my card is the fact that the round ones totally remind me of the brightly colored candies in the gumball machines that were on the counter of seemingly every store in my childhood.

There are so many shapes, colors and styles that I couldn't possibly show them all, but here are a few of my favorites in my own collection:

This time I went with classic round Enamel Dots, since they look the most like gumballs! To make the machine, I printed out a piece of copyright-free clip art and used it to paper-piece the machine from cardstock and patterned paper. I filled my machine with all different sizes of gumballs, since that makes a design more dynamic. Plus, it filled the space better! ;) For the gumballs at the very bottom of the machine, I used my stout craft scissors to snip one edge flat, so that it would look more realistic.

For the background I made my own patterned paper by filling a 4x6" panel of white cardstock with neat strips of colorful Dot Washi Tape. I printed an appropriate computer-generated sentiment et voila! Would you care for a gumball?

I hope today will be an especially sweet day for you! If you need an extra treat, why not scroll down to the post below this one and see what my lovely DT sister Carri has made?!

loves the look of pretty much ANY colorful candy... 
but usually only eats the chocolate ones!


  1. Love love love your gumball machine, fabulous idea to use all those enamel dots.

  2. Simply adorable! Great used of the enamel dots and I love the washi background! I'd "chews" this card, for sure!

  3. Darling card! I love the Enamel Dots as the gumballs, and the fun washi tape background!

  4. Lauren this is fantastic & yummy looking lol!!! Love your washi tape bg and the enamel dots "gumballs are perfect! Great gumball machine :O)

  5. Lauren, this is absolutely FABulous.

  6. I LOVE this gumball machine! Would Love to be on a winning list!!!