Saturday, December 30, 2023

Winter Wonderland Town Gift Box

So, Christmas is over, but the holiday cheer is still flowing! I’m ready for some SNOW!!! For this week's creation for Eyelet Outlet, I wanted to make something extra special that can be used anytime of the year. I made this with winter and snow in mind.


As you can see, it is an adorable gift box with a beautiful candy cane and snowflake embossed paper ribbon on top. The front of the box is adorned with three white snowflake brads that match perfectly to the paper I used to make the box.

Once you lift off the lid of the present, two of the sides fall down to reveal a serene 3-D Winter Wonderland Town that awaits you inside.


One side of the box has a beautiful sentiment accented by four large clear bumpy jewel bling

The other side has a pocket that has a blank embossed square of paper to write your special message.

If you look through the wintery trees in the forest, you will see a cozy cabin surrounded by snowdrifts. The roof has a wreath brad on top where I added some red jewel bling to look like holly berries.


It wouldn’t be a Winter Wonderland Town if it wasn’t snowing. The snowflakes are the clear jewel bling mixed with several of the white glitter enamel dots.

When it snows, you MUST make a snowman so our Winter Wonderland town has its very own snowman brad that welcomes all guests that come to visit.


The Winter Wonderland town holds another special surprise!  Turn off the lights and our cozy cabin is all lit up!!

This Winter Wonderland town gift box was so fun to make, and it is so versatile. I can make it for any season, any occasion, any event, and I know that Eyelet outlet will always have all the extra embellishments I will need to make it extra special.


Have a wonderful week and always be STRATE-UP CRAFTY!


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