Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Eyelet Outlet Glitter Tape and Winter Wildlife Brads are not JUST for Christmas, this is the perfect time to employ them for post-holiday thank you cards! The mama and baby Polar Bear Brads are right at the edge of the wide Glitter Tall Trees Tape, framed up by Glitter Gold Tape. The handsome Deer has paused near a Snowy Tree Brad in front of some gorgeous Glitter Winter Tape (like the Tall Trees Tape it's 1.25" wide... perfect for scenes!) framed by Glitter Blue.

Whether you need to make fast Thank You cards or just get moving on winter birthdays and Valentines, the Eyelet Outlet Online Store has all the embellishments you could wish for!

occasionally sees a deer in her yard; 
and is quite glad to never see polar bears there!

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