Friday, June 17, 2016

Flower and Washi Tape Card

Hi everyone!!

Here Noe to show you my newest and simple card... Do you need make a fast Card to give someone? Ok, in this case, you only need flower papers, washi tape and some embellishment  that you have handy (TIP: use those little remains of other projects to make small decorations and keep them on hand for these fast cards)! Look!

Overlap two different models of washi tape and place them in an L-shape at the base of your card.

Create your flower using different sizes and colors and placed a round jewel in it center. Next, place the flower you've done in the corner of the L made with washi tape. 

Finally, add some jewel strips in the union of your washi tapes.

Products used from EO Store:

Easy, right? 

Wish you a happy weekend! 


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