Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Altered Journal

I've been obesesed with Traveler's Notebooks ever since our trip to Italy.  I bought one for the trip, and altered it with pretty papers and tapes...it looked really pretty even without any pictures in it!  That vintage typewriter brad looks great with these clockworks papers!  

I love the way these journal/planners are put together.  The covers have one strand (or several, depending on the brand) of elastic cording in the center which hold the inserts inside.  Extra inserts are held together with special rubber bands.  That makes it ultra customizable, which is what sold me.  Mine has an insert with a week over a two page spread, another with lined paper for notes, and a third made of watercolor paper for sketching.  

In my notebook, I have two plastic inserts.  One has several pockets, much like the bill pocket in a wallet.  It functions like a dashboard, and I have several cards with pretty quotes tucked into one of the pockets.  It also has a zipper pocket for receipts, etc.

The other has slots for business cards, which I have filled with ATCs.  In this photo you can see how I've altered my notebooks with pretty designer papers and reinforced the spines with gold and black foil washi tape.  I love doing that because it makes them more durable and gorgeous at the same time!

I also have a kraft pocket folder, which holds my pencil board (it's easier to write on a firm surface) and a little altered notebook.

Here you can see one of the pages of my art journal insert, with another pocket (bordered with washi tape) for tucking doilies, tickets, and ephemera.  

I had to have another journal since I loved this one so!  The other is my everyday carry which includes my bullet journal, calendar, and sketches.  I like using washi tape to accent special dates, and as accents to break up long pages of journaling.  I'm enjoying having a place to document special trips, and another that captures everyday life.  I hope you've enjoyed taking a peek!

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