Friday, June 3, 2016

No Procrastinating!

I know it's barely June so it's a little early for Christmas in July, but some of you who are really clever, organized people stamp a few Christmas cards each month, so I'm sharing one of the flat-backed resin cards that I made last month featuring Santa's Suit.  When the big guy (or one of his helpers) finally gets done for the night, it's time for congrats for the huge job well done and then a little relaxation.  That's when the suit goes to the cleaner's and then right back into the closet until next Christmas!  

A few snips off of a silver hanger brad with some sturdy, not-so-precious scissors and then a little dab of glue, and it's all set.  An easy-peasy Christmas card that shows how much he's appreciated!

Santa's Suit comes four to a package.   The hangers come by the dozen, and they're really cute with stamped images too!  They'd make a cute summer card with some beach towels and bikinis!

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  1. this is perfection, miss deb! love the pairing of hanger and flatback resin!