Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Olive You"

Hello everyone! I was inspired by the Martini and Olive brads from Eyelet Outlet when designing this card. The brads come with 12 Martini glasses and a mix of green and black olives - Perfect - and they are now on sale for just $.99 - even more Perfect! In the description it offers the idea of saying "How about saying 'Olive You' to someone you love?" so I literally took the suggestion to come up with my "Olive You!" card.

Olive You Eyelet Outlet 1.JPG

I used the Clock washi tape for the frame which is also on sale for 50% off! Punched a circle from the small frame, added the green olive (because I really like that touch of red pimento). Then to create the fun border I took the Martini glass brads and placed them at a slight angle, they look a bit 'tipsy' don't they? and then for added fun, took the Pearl strips in gray to outline the bottom of the border and then a bit of twine to tie it all together.  

Olive You Eyelet Outlet 2.JPG

This card is perfect way to say "Olive you" to someone you love! and to share a martini with! Thanks for coming by today and the sale on the Martini brads and clock washi tape is going on right now!

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