Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bird Problems

It's been a hot summer, but today we are having a taste of fall with some cooler temperatures here in Central Texas, so it put me in the mood for an autumn themed card.

I decided to use the brand new robin brads for this card which will available very, very soon in they Eyelet Outlet Store! Now robins might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of autumn, since they are typically a welcome sign of spring.

These robins have their Eyelet Outlet Suitcase Brad packed and are heading south for the winter!  These two robins sound just like my husband and me when we leave for a trip!  I have never learned how to pack light!  

The tree for this card came from Cricut's Stretch Your Imagination cartridge and the sparsely placed Mini Leaf Brads perfectly illustrated that winter is on the way!

Thanks for coming by today!  Be sure and check out all of Eyelet Outlet's new releases! I know you'll have as much fun with them as I'm having! 

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