Wednesday, October 24, 2018

(Sorry About the Earworm...)

I've had this idea for a card in my head ever since I (Lauren) knew we were going to have Lawnmower Brads in the Eyelet Outlet Fall 2018 release. I've also intermittently had the Clash's version of the iconic rock anthem in my head whenever I've thought about it. Luckily, I like that song. If you don't like that song, I'm really sorry. Maybe looking at the card more would help?

Often there's a lag between my idea for a sentiment and how I'll actually construct the card so the joke is visual. But this time I knew from the get-go that I wanted Sun and Cloud Brads in a fairly small sky, hovering over layers and layers of punched grass. And that there should seem to be much too much grass for the size of the mower. Which is how it feels on a hot day in the summer, lol!

I computer generated most of my sentiment (using a free font called "Mom's Typewriter") but then used foam stickers for "lawn". Again, they are a bit oversized compared to the Lawn Mower Brad, because I wanted the lawn to loom a bit!

At the very end, I had fun deciding what other brads could be hiding in, or flying over, all that grass. I went with some Rabbit Brads and Mini Bees, but I could easily have chosen Frogs and DragonfliesKittens and Ladybugs, or Gnomes and Butterflies!

There are lots more great Lawn Mower Brad ideas from the other designers on the blog, you should definitely scroll around a bit, you're in for a treat! ♥

really does mow her lawn with a red push mower 
very much like the one on the card! 

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