Thursday, October 18, 2018

Witch Fun!

I had fun creating this stair step card with Eyelet Outlet's Witch Leg Brads, Witch Hat Brad, and Broom Brad!  I used tomb stones from the Cricut Mini Monsters and Wrap It Up cartridges and with the help of print then cut, created some funny text for them. But the star of this card is definitely the witch flying into the tree on her Eyelet Outlet Broom Brad

I had some more fun with this little riddle card!  My "twins" are from the Cricut Mini Monsters cartridge, but I made a few modifications and embellished them with the Eyelet Outlet Witch Hats, Witch Legs, Round Jewel Brads, and Broom Brads.  

Here's the answer....

Thanks for stopping by today!  

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