Thursday, May 9, 2019

Barrel of Fun!

When I saw this beer barrel on Cricut's Octoberfest Printables image set I immediately knew I'd need to pair it with a frosty cold mug of beer from Eyelet Outlet's Beer Brad set!  The set includes bottled beer, too, by the way! 

I searched the Cricut image library for a hand to hold my mug and found the perfect one on the Husband & Wife Phrases set.  All I had to do was delete the heart and wife's hand and then hand him a beer brad!  

I used Eyelet Outlet wood grained washi tape to create the bar that the barrel is sitting on and I had a quick and easy man card just like that!

I'm glad you were here today!  Hope you're following us on Instagram, too!  Until next week, keep on crafting!

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