Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Down on the Farm

There's nothing more fun than a series of something, at least not to me (Lauren). Especially a series of swap-able altered rolodex cards. With adorable Eyelet Outlet Farm Animal Brads... and... diabolical Farm Puns, lol!  

I was super-excited to see that Heidi Swapp recently re-released her Memorydex dies, which had been out of print for nearly a year. So I decided to celebrate by making some fun farm cards. 

These are similar to ATC's I made when the Cow and Goat BradsPig and Sheep Brads and Horse and Pony Brads first came out. But afterall, you don't sing a favorite song only once, so why not re-visit a favorite craft project from time to time? 

I like the larger size as a home for the vintage slidemounts, and also I chose a slightly lighter color palette this time, which I think brightens them up a bit. 

Plus we had fun new Brick Washi and Red Checked Tape that I think conveys the farm feeling really well, especially when mixed with some scraps of red gingham patterned paper.

For the diabolically punny sentiments, I used my old-school Dymo Labelmaker. The trick to finding the analog ones that go "click-click-click" instead of the type which print a neat font on a flat label, is to search for an embossing label maker. 

I hope you'll be inspired to make some fun cards or swaps with our Eyelet Outlet Farm Brads. I'm sure they will be Outstanding in Their Field! ♥

absolutely cannot resist a pun!!!
(You may have noticed that...)

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  1. I saw these over on instagram and just had to come take a closer look! They are just as CUTE as can be! Fantastic work, Lauren! (Love the "outstanding in their field" too)