Saturday, May 11, 2019

Treat Me Like a Queen

The big news this week was the royal birth. Oh my, did you see Prince Harry's announcement the day Archie was born? Adorable!

So with all the royal excitement, I decided it was time to use the BRAND NEW crown brad from Eyelet Outlet on a card. In fact, these are so new that you can't even get them in the Eyelet Outlet online store yet - soon, but not yet. They ARE available in the Eyelet Outlet booth at the trade shows, though, so be sure to check and see if there's a trade show near you. The list can be found HERE.

The Wide Washi Tape on my card is also brand new. Isn't it exciting when Eyelet Outlet gets new items in stock? I know it excites me.

Of course, every Queen needs some bling, so in addition to the Crown and the sparkly Washi Tape, I also used a bit of the Fancy Long Bling from Eyelet Outlet on my card. Glitzy!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Now I just need to get one of those signs that reads:
The Queen is not accepting an audience today.

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