Monday, March 9, 2020

Be A Chick Magnet

Need more ideas for Eyelet Outlet's cute new Chick Brads??

A clever use of the Apple Stamps basket stamp.
Add a bling strip to turn it into a brightly colored Easter Basket!
Our Glitter Washi Tape in pink makes a great pop of texture and color in the background.
Little touches like the Mini Butterfly in the corner go a long way to impressing your friends!

Also used:

The Fancy Bling strips are easy to use and make a WOW statement.
Check out those Paper Flowers in Green. Simply snip petals apart to make leaves.
Your friends will be smiling at the details Eyelet Outlet products can supply for you.

Also used:
Chick Brads

Keeping my eye out for signs of Spring!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up

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