Wednesday, March 11, 2020

I (Heart) Silly Cards!

I (Lauren) often see funny little sentiments on t-shirts, bumper stickers, or as memes on social media. Being a cardmaker, my first thought is often, "Hey! That would make a fun card!" Being an Eyelet Outlet design team member, my second thought is usually, "Hey! We have the perfect brad for that!"

In this case, the perfect brads are the super-fun Yoga Cats from a couple of years ago, which coincidentally happen to be on sale! I formatted the text in a free font called Ziggy Standard, printed it on a clear inkjet label, then added the cats, part of a Bling Strip and a bunch of mats. Et Voila

I will put a jpg of this sentiment on the Eyelet Outlet Freebies Page, just in case anybody else is feeling silly today too!

is silly pretty much
every single day!

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