Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Just Hanging Out!

...with the brand new Eyelet Outlet Sloth Brads. Ok, technically, this item is called Sloth and Koala Brads, and the packs come with six of each; but in today's post I (Lauren) am only featuring the sloths. But don't be insulted, koalas, you'll get your turn, I promise!

My very first thought when I saw the adorable sloths was the "Sloth Mail" sentiment! (No, I don't really think like other people, lol!) It was one of those times when had the whole picture of the card inside my head, from the Sloth holding an envelope from the Mail Brad set, down to what font I'd use for the sentiment (Bohemian Typewriter!) and the fact that I'd line up strips of Mail Washi on the diagonal to make my own patterned paper. Of course, I hadn't realized that this particular tape is out of stock at the moment, and I'm hoping it will come back in soon; but meanwhile, the idea would work perfectly well with any of our other Mail Tapes or Postage Tapes or with postal-themed patterned paper, or REAL postage, or... well, you get the idea, it's pretty flexible!

But not everybody wants to get as silly as I do, so I also made up a more "mainstream" sentiment, as well. This one uses a free font called Stamp Act. Both of these sentiments will be on the freebies page as jpg files you can right click and save or print if you'd like to use them to make your own cards!

This card is also designed around a specific tape, in this case it's the adorable Sloth Washi. Again, I made a background panel from the tape, but this time instead of insetting my sentiment, I've added it on top. I used a pencil to very lightly draw "vines" for the Sloth Brads to frolic on, and then I machine stitched to add some fun texture, but you could draw them, instead, or stamp some foliage!

I hope you'll be inspired to create your own sentiments to go with our Eyelet Outlet Brads, and if you do, please share them on the EO FaceBook page because we'd love to see them!

cracks herself up!!!

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