Sunday, November 22, 2020

EZLaser Tags - Three Nature Inspired Christmas Tags

A few weeks ago, I showed you three nature inspired tags made from EZLaser Designs. The pack has six large tags sized at 5 1/8" x 3 1/8." These are the other three tags that I embellished. All supplies are linked at the end of this post. 

These tags are really made to be used all by themselves with little to no embellishment but they really are amazing when you decorate them up. These tags each have two 0layers. The back layer is white and is the full tag shape. The black layer on top has the laser designs cut in it. To make these unique, I placed washi tape strategically behind the laser shapes on the white layer so that the washi shows through when the black layer is put on top. I came to call this "painting" with washi tape. It was fun and not very hard for the most part. There were a few small areas that were a little trickier to get placed right but honestly, it was worth the effort!

Do you love the sky background on that mountain scene? That is one strip of our Wide Sky Tape! Amazing right? I just love how that turned out on this tag. 

After getting the main image completed, I further embellished with premade sentiment strips and lots of Eyelet Outlet brads and bling.





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