Friday, November 13, 2020


 Today's card is a continuation of the covid card series started several months ago.  Cards 1-3 included "Social Distancing", "Zoom" and "Heros".  Card 4 of this series is entitled "Pandemic".  If you haven't heard the word 'pandemic' prior to 2020, then it is a near certainty you are now familiar with it.

This slimline card has a lot going on!  The card is 4x9 and fits into a #10 business envelop.  Other than the brads, the card is lacking in color and pattern---that was intentional.

First, the title in white letters is constructed by using four copies of the letter glued together to provide a thick, solid title.

Next, the Pandemic definition:  "Prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world; epidemic over a large area".

Moving over to the the right side of the card are three mini-scenes summarizing the emotional toll this disease has on people.  

  •  The Eyelet Outlet Monster Brads represent that this is a scary disease and the unknown can be quite challenging. 
  •  The Eyelet Outlet Heart Brad shedding tears represent the heartbreak that family and friends experience as they are dealing with the sickness and loss of life.  
  •  The Eyelet Outlet Deer Brad represents the loneliness and isolation that many feel as their 'normal' activities and visits with others are restricted.

The card sentiment at the bottom is something we now hear in everyday life:   Stay Safe, Be Well.

If any piece or part of this card provides inspiration to you, then please create a card and send it to someone who may be need a few words coming their way.   It can be reassuring, healing, or an acknowledgement they are not alone in this world.

Take a moment to go over to the Eyelet Outlet site and explore the vast array of brads.

Stay Safe.  Be Well.

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