Friday, November 6, 2020

Paper Weaving Gift Bag

Things are getting festive here at Eyelet Outlet!  Here's another gift bag that takes an inexpensive bag and turns it into a beautiful gift bag for the holidays.  It's one that will be used year after year.

I enjoy paper weaving, however, this project takes it to another level by weaving with Eyelet Outlet Washi Tape!  Yes, washi tape. 

In this example, three different washi tapes are used:  1 solid and 2 with small details on them.  Prepare the washi by placing it on white cardstock and use a paper trimer to cut to the width of the washi tape creating strips of washi.  Measure the length and width of the bag to determine the length of the strips.  From there, this project follows the standard paper weaving technique.  Note:  weave the washi strips and adhere the woven strips to a piece of cardstock;  the cardstock is then glued to the bag. 

Eyelet Outlet Supplies Used:

Glitter Red Washi Tape

Red Stripe Skinny Washi Tape

Glitter Washi Tape - Green Pattern

Ornament Washi Tape

Christmas Tree Washi Tape

Head on over to the Eyelet Outlet site and explore the holiday-related Washi Tapes; there are so many options to decorate your holiday gift bags. 

Be safe.  Be well.  Happy Crafting!


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