Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day... From the Easter Bunny!

And also from me, Lauren! As a kid, I absolutely *loved* decorating Easter eggs every year. To this day, whenever I smell warm vinegar, I'm instantly transported back to our family home, the kitchen table covered with a kid-proof vinyl tablecloth and set with a rainbow of colorful dyes! The Eyelet Outlet Easter Egg Brads totally remind me of those days, as well, so I couldn't wait to use them on an Easter card.

Of course, even the prettiest Easter eggs won't hide themselves, so I needed some adorable Rabbit Brads, too. I attached them to some oversized pastel chipboard letters and painted a little meadow for them all to inhabit. A strip of Stitched Washi Tape in the perfect shade of purple completes my Easter scene.

There are lots more Easter themed items at Eyelet Outlet, including Chocolate Bunny BradsHappy Easter Washi Tape and Egg-Shaped Bling... why not stop over and check those out? I'd love for you to see my blog, All the Good Blog Names Were Taken as well; be sure to say "Hi" so I can visit you, too!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Ms Lauren you knocked this one out of the park ... love your watercolored grass ... hopefully some of those eggs have chocolate inside.