Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Save The Drama For Your Mama

Ok, maybe not *actual* drama... your mom probably doesn't need that; but how about a little papercrafting drama in the form of Mother's Day cards? It's easier than you might think to create some unique --and dramatic-- effects. Let's start with a floral watercolor background.

What's that, you don't paint? Can you make a messy circle? Seriously, the messier the better! Make six or seven of them. Let them dry. (This is by far the hardest part; luckily, we have heat guns!) Add a few squiggles or swirls, with a pen or your sewing machine, or your favorite floral stamps; top them off with Eyelet Outlet 12mm Clear Edge Jewels or Oval Jewels... or both... and that's *IT*! Wait, maybe we should have a sentiment: let's make a home for it with a few strips of Music Note Washi Tape, then our alphabet stickers will really stand out!

Still not into the whole painting thing? All right, let's make some patterned paper, instead. I went with argyle because I just got a roll of super-fun Road Washi Tape and the dotted lines reminded me of stitching. Plus, what mom wouldn't like to get *DIAMONDS* on Mother's Day, eh? ;)

I hand cut these diamonds, but we all have a zillion punches and dies, don't we? Start with one basic shape in a few colors and see how many fun geometric patterns you can make. When you find your favorite, affix the shapes to your background and start thinking about embellishments. I must've been channeling a 1950's vibe because as soon as I had pink-n-grey argyle I wanted to add pearls... and what could be easier than Pearl Bling Strips? A few blooms are always a nice touch, and these gorgeous Eyelet Outlet Solid Color Paper Flowers come in packs of *40* with three graduated sizes and they're available in a few different shapes! I popped on some Bumpy Heart Bling centers and I was done.

I hope you'll be inspired to try something new and different... be sure to leave us a link to your own dramatic Eyelet Outlet creations in the comments, or post them to the Eyelet Outlet Facebook Page!

My name's Lauren, and I love to try out out new ideas with my Eyelet Outlet goodies. 
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  1. You are drama-magical... love these

  2. I love those wonky flowers with the stitching!! Definitely going to have fun with that. Really cute ideas, Lauren~!